Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Thanking My Lucky Stars Again!

 I have such poor vision I can date anybody -
Garry Shandling
 Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
Nice to start the Hump with warm hug.
Gave hubby a sloppy wet 💋.
It is supposed to be warm later...
The summer coat went on.
I put on my lights.
Now for the fun to start 🍭
There was a build of traffic on my side of the road. A BMW failed to stop even with my lollipop sticking out, narrowly missed his windscreen.
Going towards the end of my shift.
I am stood in the middle of the road, crossing people over the road.
When a black 64 Renault car didn't want to wait for me to go back on the pavement.
He mounted the pavement, drove across it , and then drove off down the road!
I will track down this car and report it.
Could have knocked someone down on the pavement!
Once finished, I popped into the Co-op as they had a offer on coleslaw! 
I picked up my newspaper and my neighbour's magazine on the way home.
Washing machine went on.
Now to make a sausage casserole for later.
Leeks, garlic, spinach, mushrooms, sausage and mash was added to cast iron pot.
Hung the washing on the line to dry.
A box arrived for me...
I finally got the whole set of Prima Makes magazines!
The missing one!
Now for a bit of coffee..
with light lunch.
The sun is out!
Nice to see the sun back again!
Summer coat goes on.
Once I put on my lights.
Nice to soak up some rays before I start!
Now to start the afternoon shift.
One woman driving an open car, totally ignored my stick up in the air....
One BMW had to stop,or my stick would have cracked its windscreen.
Survived that shift!
Back home I go.
I got yesterday's blog wrote.
Hubby came back for a sloppy wet 💋
Time to dish up the sausage casserole!
We had 2 vouchers for Lidl to use up tonight.
Armed with a long list.
We went shopping.

We got £10 off our shopping \o/
Back home to unpack it all.
After that, we watched the new Netflix doc:
I had one eye on the telly and the other in today's newspaper.
Harry Dean Stanton was an American actor, musician, and singer. In a career that spanned more than six decades, Stanton played supporting roles in films including Cool Hand Luke (1967), Kelly's Heroes (1970), Dillinger (1973), The Godfather Part II (1974), Alien (1979), Escape from New York (1981), Christine (1983), Repo Man (1984), One Magic Christmas (1985), Pretty in Pink (1986), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), Wild at Heart (1990), The Straight Story (1999), The Green Mile (1999), Alpha Dog (2006) and Inland Empire (2006). He had rare lead roles in Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas (1984) and in Lucky (2017), his last film.
He died on this day aged 91 in 2017. 
Sleep Tea Time.
I left hubby to watch the last 20 minutes of the documentary as I couldn't keep my eyes open.
Straight out like a light I went Zzzzzz


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