Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 27 August 2020

What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?

If everyone had a dad like mine, no one would have sex tapes.
- Tina Fey
Welcome to my Thursday⛾
It is baking day today...
A Nice wow cake for the Bake Off on Saturday....🌈
 Brew and hug time↑
As hubby has his final day working from home.We were a big tight on time.
Out in Sexy Beast we went↓
 We got the newspaper,
Then off to Asda to get more bits↓
 We made sure we wiped the basket down↓
  We got a Stir Fry for 11p!
Back home↓
 Now to make the cake from scratch...
First have to decorate the cake board↓
 Then weigh out everything and add to Kenny↓
 Then I had a small problem...
I didn't have a certain colour dye....
Back out in Sexy Beast to go and get it!
 I bought two just in case...
I am glad I had two good songs to sing along to on the way back home↓
 Now to carry on Baking!
Once 4 of the cakes were in the oven.
Coffee Time↓
Our kids went off for hair cuts.As they are both back at school next week.
 My arm is healing up↓
 I had more material arrive \o/
 Late lunch↓
 Once I got all the cakes out of the oven, and they cooled down.
I wrote yesterday's blog...
Avon order arrived↓
Camp Bed↓
While I went to the loo.
I thought someone was staring at me from outside↓
Given meat a rest today.
Nice small bag of Half a Fish and Chips for tea↓
 Hubby went off for a hair cut.
I tried to finish decorating the cake.
I only run out of something.
Went onto Amazon, its coming out tomorrow!
We watched another episode of NYPD Blue↓
 Then off to work I go...
Big tune to start with↓
I comes back, and hubby is miffed about something.
He was trying to watch a programme on Netflix and the remote has stopped working.
Oh dear!
I was feeling so tired...
I took up my Sleep Tea to bed↓
 I soon dropped off to sleep Zzzzz


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