Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 31 August 2020

Walking Around The Tombs!

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are -
Anthelme Brillat - Savarin 
Bank Holiday Monday
Welcome to my Monday...
Off exploring Kidderminster and seeing some of my husband's relations too..
 Brew and Hug↑
Out for a small ride↓
 Gets newspaper↓
 Then onto get some salad↓
 Back home to sort out the food and drinks.
Off we go↓
  Off to put some balloons on hubby's mum's grave↓
 His mum would have been 80 last Friday.
Off to explore the grave yard more↓
 Went round to see hubby's dad.
We had lunch.
Now to walk it off!
 Joseph Naylor ran Carpet Factory in Kidderminster, and where his factory once stood, B&Q is there now.
 Henry Brinton also ran a Carpet Factory, and has a park named after him in Kidderminister.
 104 years old↑↑↑
 Nice big drop↘↘↘
 A nice church that might be turned into a house at some point↑
 Nice message on the grave↑↑
 Late Mayor and his two wives↑
 Hubby's dad playing hide and seek↑
 Father and son↑↑
 No relation↑↑
 Going down↘↘↘↘
 The building where we find out where people are buried..↑↑↑
 Watching a  Squirrel↑
 Hubby coming up the hill↗↗
 Lovely white grave we missed↑
While we said goodbye to my hubby's dad.
I noticed the stainless glass window that was above most of the front door's in the road↓
 Gets back home...
Nice beef Stir Fry↓
 Now to finish off Bank Holiday Monday with plenty of episodes of:
 Got to do some updating on Safeguarding at the school tomorrow...


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