Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Pass The Sick Bag

Nobody believes the offcial spokesman...but everybody trusts an unidentified source - Ron Nessen
Welcome to my Thursday...
There was a warning of bad fog this morning.
I was enjoying my cup of tea and my hug in bed..
I gave everyone lots of sloppy 💋💋💋 before I left the house.
 It's a bit cold↓
 Nice and foggy↓
 Some cars didn't have their headlights on.
One cheeky man said to me:
"Are you trying to stand there and being pretty!"
I just laughed
I finished in one piece..
Getting warmer↓
Enjoyed a takeaway coffee↓
 Breakway club↑
Back out again↓
 Christmas hat time↓
 More singing along↓
I have a little look in the newspaper↓
 Little Richard, American singer-songwriter (Tutti Frutti), is 87 years old🎈
Andrew Youakim, performing as Andy Kim.  Canadian pop rock singer and songwriter is 73 years old 🎈
I looks across the fields of fun
 I go in.
There is a sickness bug doing the rounds.
Nearly 50% of the kids are not in.
I put on the gloves....
I kept washing my hands.
I leave without a red face .... 
More singing to be done
Back home
 I have a coffee then back out.
Enjoying the Christmas Lights before I start.
 I finish in one piece.
Back home,gets changed, then off to the Happy Place of Work.
Back home to start on the tea.
Eats the tea I made↓ 
 Then off to burn it off while singing↓
I comes back to catch up with The Apprentice↓
 We watch more of:
Now to bed to wait for the Friday Feeling to arrive🎈


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