Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 8 December 2019

One Apron Too Many?

If you see a bandwagon, its too late - James Goldsmith
After having a late night...
I had a bit of a lie in 
Some adult play time...
Followed by breakfast in bed!
 At least the sun came out↓
 It looks like a change of bed linen is on the cards....
Someone spilt his cup of tea all over the bed spread!
I leaves a fresh duvet cover on the bed.....
Let's wait........
(let's see who puts it on the bed)
I caught up with this blog..
Hubby and son went food shopping...
I meanwhile I was putting on the washing machine and the tumble drier...
Besides a week's washing to do, I have four baskets of damp linen to wash!
Once hubby and son return from the food shopping.
We then have to go to town to pick up my Next order..
 We parked on the top of Car Park 4↓
 I gets a Christmas CD from HMV for the Christmas Party next week↓
Then I bump into 3 friends to chat to.
I say goodbye to them.
Back to the car in the dark..
Back home.
We switch cars...
 Checks the tyres↑
 The moon is out↑
I have a nice amount of Xmas aprons to wear over the next 3 weeks↓
(I still have 2 to come through the post)
James MacArthur, American actor (Danny Williams-Hawaii 5-0) would have been 82 years old🎈
 He died aged 72 in 2010.
Bobby Elliott, rock drummer (The Hollies),is 78 years old 🎈
Dan Hartman, American musician would have been 69 years old🎈
 He died aged 43 in 1994.
Marty Robbins, American country singer (Devil Woman, I Walk Alone), dies of complications following cardiac 57 in 1982
There is a good film coming out next month..
  We had a nice tea↓
Got all the things washed and dried for tomorrow...
Back on that large Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow↓ 



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