Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 28 November 2019

Thank My Lucky Stars!!

There are more pleasant things to do than beat up people - Muhammad Ali
Welcome to my Thursday...
I heard the rain outside...
(Going to have wear those sexy lumo trousers again!)
I enjoyed my first hug and my first cup of tea↑
I gave everyone their sloppy 💋💋💋
Sexy yellow trousers on!
Dark and wet time↓
 Time to start the morning's 🍭
Oh dear it's going to be one of THOSE days!
I was stood in the middle of the road. A woman driver didn't want to wait 20 seconds for me to go back on the pavement. She hit the accelerator and nearly took off my arm!
Once I got finished, I was walking back to my car, when I got talking to the local PSCO in his Police van. I finally finishing talking after one hour and twenty minutes!
I had to hurry back home.
One very quick coffee and salad.
Quick singing session to work I go↓
 Quick look in the newspaper↓
 Joe Dante, Film Director, (Matinee, Twilight Zone, Police Squad, Gremlins) is 73 years old 🎈
It's still raining!
 More singing along on the way home..
Nice takeaway coffee after I filled up.
 The yellow lumo trousers have to be put back on again. As it is still raining.
I get started in my lolly 🍭 job.
I just am returning back to the pavement, the male driver puts his foot on the
accelerator, he sees me, slams his foot then on the brake! The front of the car was two inches away from me!
When I got on the pavement, he then started waving his arms at me, blaming me for being in the road!
Second attempt of trying to run me over today!
I finally finish my shift in one piece!
I gets home, gets changed.
Off to the Happy Place of Work. 
Anyone fancy cake?
More singing to be done↓
  I gets home to put on the tea..
Nice mince casserole↓
 Then off to work to burn it off:
  We will party tomorrow↑
Gets back home.
I cover up the Sexy Beast, as it going to get really cold tomorrow....
Friday Feeling and Thermal knickers time tomorrow🎈 


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