Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 9 November 2019

How Come It Keeps Raining On Saturdays?

Dancing with her was like moving a piano - Ring Lardner
Welcome to the start of my weekend!
My body clock was playing up,
Thinking it must have been a week day I was up at 6.18am....
I got up, put washing machine on,and the tumble drier.
Put on the "Sounds of the 60s"...
Great tunes on there!
Took a cup of tea up for sleeping beauty(Hubby)
Opened the curtains....↓
 I enjoyed the tea I made and a warm snuggle of hubby↓
 We had a nice easy breakfast in bed↓
 We got up from that warm bed with a groan!
Raining and cold was the forecast for today.
On goes the hat to keep the brain warm↓
 Out for a ride to town↓
 Looking down from Car Park 4 
waiting for a car...↓
 Looking down ↓↓↓↓
 Just as we got into the shopping centre,
I started bumping into friends...
Ex-postie and his wife,
Friend whose daughter I crossed over at my last lollypop job 🍭
Another ex-Postie,
I saw one of the workers from the Happy Place Of Work, (She kept on walking)
Current Postie.
I went to a market stall ran by someone I went to school with, to buy another watch strap for my watch!
Gave him a £1 tip to get himself a hot drink.
The Santa's Grotto will soon be here↑↑↑
 I nipped into HMV↓
 Some nice CD's for me to listen to↑
I bought this LP the first time it came out,
back in 1986↓
They were playing the new CD of "Dreamboats & Petticoats" - Silver Linings.
I was singing along happliy until they put on Now What I Call Music 104.
Pity I only knew the Whitney Houston song↓
 Once son was dropped off at his boxing lessons.
We enjoyed coffee and teacake!
 It is still raining.
(Second Saturday it has been raining)
Picks up son from his Boxing Lessons.
Pops into see Joe and his sister at Omega Therapies.
Has a good chat.
Back home for a late dinner↓
 Washing machine 
Tumble drier goes back on.
While I catch up with blog...
I enjoy a lovely cup of tea↓
 Some lovely CDs I will be listening to next week in the Sexy Beast↓
 We had light evening meal↓
 Now to catch up on this week's television↓
The Graham Norton Show
 Graham's guests are Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter, both joining the cast of The Crown, actor Chadwick Boseman and Richard Ayoade. With music from Niall Horan.
 Then we caught up with the remaining episodes of series 11 of:
The rain wasn't stopping.
We wrote out a large shopping list for Lidl tomorrow.
Plus lots to do around the house.....
Just got into the warm bed before the heating went off.... 



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