Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 14 August 2017

Still Have Them After All These Years!

I had a little bit of lie in.
(making the most of it, as back to work, I soon go!)
One good deed to do today was help clear out my dad's office.
 one pile to keep,
 one pile to shread,
 and one pile for recycling.
After 3 hours, the shreader was smoking, and I needed some fresh air!
I had to explain to my kids what something was I found in the office.
 I put the paper in and showed them how to type!
Next thing I found was a picture of me, 
At 18 years old, showing off my Peter Gabriel albums and the Big Big Perm!
(with my then 6 year old brother)↓
I still have the albums after 27 years, but not the big big perm!
(My younger brother is 33 next month!)

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