Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 21 August 2017

Enjoying The Pink!

Welcome to my Monday...
What better to start of the morning with...
I went to get another blazer for my youngest as he starts High School next year.
(Best to be prepared, as the blazers normally cost £34+ each)
(His one was half price \o/)
It was a good job I got my other son his blazer for High School at the beginning of the month as the school shop I normally go, wasn't going to have any in now for the new ↓Year 9's↓
Going back to the car, I bumped into 3 ex-posties who I used to work with.
Nice to talk about the old days 😁
At least I got the items I need to do my bathroom....
Plus a special treat for our garden....🏡
To finish my Monday off with a dash of Pink in the bath....
 Bath 💣 time!

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