Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 3 May 2016

You Can Never Tell!

Welcome to a sunny Tuesday.
Back to work...
Getting car drivers to stop today, is going to take a lot of patience!
First stop was to visit the dentist, for a check up!
After telling the Dentist,how much fun I had having 2 teeth pulled out last month.
I had two tubes of toothpaste for free :)
Next stop was Princess of Wales Hospital in Bromsgrove.
More blood tests.
No luck with the arm,
Instead taking blood out of the top of my hand.
Done and dusted in 5 minutes!
 I have a full week of doctor's visits, making a Leaving card and cupcakes...
Now to rest with a coffee...
As you can never tell how long it takes the body to make more blood!

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