Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 21 May 2016

Handle Him With Care!

Welcome to the start of the weekend.
Fancy going for coffee? text message at 8.20am.
Sat in M&S slurping on my coffee by 9.20am
Afterwards we visited Pets At Home
I looked at the hamsters.
One grey long haired fluffy hamster was lay on his back asleep, showing  himself off.
(reminds me of my hubby when he is asleep!) 
'Umming ,'erring, & chewing on my fist on whether not to get him.
Family huddle to decide.
Let's do it!!
He nibbled through the two boxes on the way home
He was put in the new blue ball we bought for the rest of the journey home.
Welcome to Smokie Blue

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