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Saturday, 26 June 2021

Points Don't Mean Prizes!

I'm not a snob. Ask anybody. Well, anybody who matters - 
Simon LeBon.
Welcome to my Saturday 💪
Hug with brew.
We listened to the last hour of 
"Sounds of the 60s".
Both kids were up...
Now out of the house.
Drops off one son at his workplace.
Off to Lidl.
There was a nice t.v for sale in Lidl.
It wouldn't fit on our tv stand even if we wanted it!
I did a bit of shopping to get the £10 voucher for next week.
Now to park in the Asda car park.
Off to look in the Charity Shops.
The Town Crier was giving a good shout out!
Now to hit the shops.
I got some great bargains...
I popped into Costa Coffee for a drink.
I don't mind waiting.
The 3 members of staff was rushed off their feet.
 The woman in front of me, her bill came to £5.90, she handed over a piece of paper and then the total went to £0.
Then she wanted points added onto her Costa Coffee account. The staff tried and couldn't do it.
She wasn't happy about it! 
(Karen alert!)
I got my coffees and left the shop.
I got some 50s CDs for £1.
Found a older version of my Kenny in one Charity Shop↓
Then we heard Bagpipes...
Then we saw
Sajid Javid, the MP for Bromsgrove.
This is what was going on in the High Street.
I saw a nice hat in the shop window.
I went in, bought the multi-coloured hat 
Blue one.
Dropped off the bargains in the car.
Quick look in Asda...
There were some nice Ghomes on the way out.
On the way home, we got another coffee with doughnuts....
Back home to unpack everything...
Time to have a doughnut!
Hubby went to pick up son from his workplace.
The Daily Star had a funny front page.
(Free facemask)
I added more things to tree..↓
I wrote two blog posts.
Now for a nice tea....
Then we watched Oceans 13.
The Health Minister has now resigned over the scandal...
Sajid Javid is now the Health Minister.
Sleep Tea time.
Now it's time to make the most of Saturday Night in a warm bed with warm hands!