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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Getting Ready To Celebrate...

I added several layers of thermals, as it is still  bloody cold...
I had a reference from Primark to fill in for a friend
 I even dropped it into the store,while visiting town.
Bought new trainers for son, 
(£5 voucher helped)
Looking forward to drinking this...soon
Bought the flowers for tomorrow.
As well as Remembrance Sunday
It's my late mum's 72th Birthday.
Be visiting her grave, having a chat,and giving her, her favourite colour of flowers.
I will be wearing my poppy with pride too!


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Wearing As Many Layers As A .....

We had a really cold blast this morning..
On goes the thermal knickers...
(Hubby laughed)
I replied to his  laughter..with:
"You'll be helping me out of these later....!"
I had so many of layers under the sexy coat of my Lollipop job...
I felt like..

I did my jobs at home
(on the computer)
Upgraded my kids's winter wear.
Ordered more bedding for my gerbils.
It was time to break in a CD in Larry.
I added the backing vocals..