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Sunday, 26 April 2020

Just Above Eye Level!

The difference between light and hard is that you can sleep with a light on - Anon
I was up far too early for a Sunday🎈
I got dressed...
Down the stairs I went..
 I left sleeping beauty in his warm bed.
I gave Sexy Beast a run out↓
 I just pulled up at Tesco Express.
They were closing for an hour.
I went further down the road,
To the other newsagents.
I got my newspaper and headed back home.
Had tea and a lovely hug↓
 I had my younger brother come round.
I made sure the 2 meter rule was being used.
 He can't believe the Prodical brother is trying to screw us over by those questionable invoices.
He left with some empty boxes from Friday's delivery.
Now for a light lunch↓
 Getting tanned↑
After an hour of the sunshine.
Time for a nap.
Felt a lot better after that.
Not to do the evening meal↓
  Pork Loin,Melon,Rice with Red Onion
Now to bingewatch some more↓
 Van Der Valk was treading on Twitter.
It had been remade.
I much prefer the Barry Foster version↓
(The full length version is the end of this blog post)
Looked in the newspaper for today's Birthdays↓
 Gary  Wright  is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and composer best known for his 1976 hit songs "Dream Weaver" and "Love Is Alive", and for his role in helping establish the synthesizer as a leading instrument in rock and pop music.He is 77 years old🎈
 Warren Clarke was an English actor. He appeared in many films after a significant role as Dim in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. His television appearances included Dalziel and Pascoe (as Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel), The Manageress and Sleepers.He would have been 73 years old 🎈
He died aged 67 in 2014.
Nerina Pallot  is a British singer, songwriter and producer, who has released five albums and over a dozen EPs. She was nominated for British Female Solo Artist at the 2007 BRIT Awards and nominated for an Ivor Novello Award for "Sophia" in the category of 'Best Song (musically and lyrically)' in the same year.She is 46 years 🎈
 George Jones  was an American musician, singer and songwriter. He achieved international fame for his long list of hit records, including his best-known song "He Stopped Loving Her Today", as well as his distinctive voice and phrasing. For the last twenty years of his life, Jones was frequently referred to as the greatest living country singer.
He died aged 81 in 2013.
Back on a tiny Wobbly Work Wheel 🎑 tomorrow.....