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Sunday 5 July 2020

I Don't Need For Those Push Ups Thank You!

The thing with high-tech is that you always end up using scissors - David Hockney
Welcome to my Sunday๐ŸŽˆ
Picking up another sewing machine later....
Nice drive out...
I wakes up at 7am...
Leaves sleeping beauty along to snore..
Looks out the front door,
Is that a rain cloud or not?
 Too early to be up on a Sunday↓
 Enjoys a brew↓
 Once Sleeping Beauty rose from the warm pit.
We had breakfast, dressed, and out for a much needed walk↓
 Someone has pulled a sold sign up????
 Oh dear, look at my dad's front garden :(
 Another street sign pulled up↓
Too much of this I expect↓ 
 Down the steps↓
 Up the bridge we go↗↗↗
 The view↓
 Football appeared like magic↓
Nice to sit in the garden we will got back↓
 Then off out for a little ride↓
 Nips in to Dunelm,
As it's the last day of the sale.
 I don't think I will be needing no push up pads thanks↓
 Gets back home to find, they hadn't looked at a sale price, and the barcode they scanned was wrong.Back in on Tuesday for a £4 refund....
 Early lunch↓
  Quick read of the newspaper:
Robbie Robertson, is a Canadian musician, songwriter, film composer, producer, actor, and author. Robertson is best known for his work as lead guitarist and primary songwriter for The Band, and for his career as a solo recording artist.He is 77 years old๐ŸŽˆ
Now off for another ride↓
 Woo hoo got my sewing machine with extra bits↓
 Now on the way back↓
 Woo hoo a big monster↓
 It still has the receipt from John Lewis for £400 back in 1993!
Pork Tea↓
 For the next two hours I was trying to get the machine to sew a bobbin....
Nothing happened....
Uses the other sewing machine to do that.
It uses a special bobbin, so can't use the metal or plastic ones other machines can use.
Found some on Ebay.......
Now to see if it can sew!!!
2 Hours later....
A lot of blue language....
I move the foot petal a bit.....
*Hey Presto!!!!!*
*It's sews!!!!!* 
 I put some spare material in , and away I go!
I looked how much a new foot petal would be......
(I could get another machine for that!!!)
Let's hope tomorrow,
It's play ball and works.......
After that...
I was so glad of some sleep tea after that ๐ŸŽก