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Wednesday 20 September 2023

In Need Of A Boat Soon....

Ducking for apples. Change one letter and it's the story of my life - Dorothy Parker
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
It is forecasting rain all day....
Sexy lumo trousers???? 
Breakfast and Brew.
I looked out of the window before I left and it was raining...
On goes those sexy lumo trousers....
Quick rush out to Sexy Beast.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one πŸ’‹ before I leave.
I had to go the other way to work as the road I normally use is still shut.
Waterproof shoes, winter coat and summer coat gets put on. I walk down to put on my lights in the rain.Then I walk up the road to put the other set of lights.
 I came back to pick up my big stick.
Near my start time, I walked over to my spot in the wind and the rain. As it was right windy and a dash of rain, I didn't stick out big stick too far.
One red car just drove past it.
One BMW had a BOING for going under my raised stick!
Lots of last minute braking in the rain!
Glad to finish in one piece.
Back to Sexy Beast to take off those lumo trousers...
I went back to the Solicitors to try and get my Statutory Declaration signed.
He did ask where I got this one from.
I said "A template the Council gave me, and he signed and stamped that one!"
I signed and said some words, he then signed and stamped it.
Paid £5 for it.
Out in the rain I go.
Off to Sainsburys to get my newspaper.
Dashed and got my newspaper.
Back home in the rain I go.
Nice cup of coffee is needed.
I write yesterday's blog post up to liquid lunch.
I checked my Blink and noticed two men had looked around my house earlier!
(They didn't leave any paperwork)
I sent a email to my Housing Officer asking if the knows of any work that is going to be done to my house.
I phoned hubby on his dinner break.
It started to rain again.
On goes those sexy lumo trousers again.
It is raining really heavy.
On goes winter coat, summer hat and waterproof shoes.
I goes and turns one set of lights.
Those dark clouds are staying put!
Goes down to the Charity Shop.
Has a good yak.
Nice new sex toy to play with.....↓
Says goodbye to everyone.
Turns on my other lights.
My other friends arrive for a rabbit.
I say goodbye to my friends as I have to fetch my big stick.
Once I wait in the square to start my shift, it starts to rain again!
Lots of traffic and some cars just stopping in the Keep Clear space. So trying to get people around the parked cars was proving fun!
The rain keeps starting and stopping!
Once finished, stripped off my winter coat, summer hat and waterproof shoes!
Home time.
In need of a special brew.....
I writes one blog post from June.
Next it was to make the tea for tonight.
In goes the pasta....
Fries up some lovely stuff to go in with it.
Hubby comes back and has a sloppy wet one πŸ’‹
Tea is ready.
I looked into today's newspaper.
Time for the spreadsheet to be opened,
and bills sorted out....
We can't clalm the cost of living £300 payment :(
We have tried to claim for cavity wall insulation from Octopus energy, we will see in 10 days time.
The time just flew after sorting out the bills.
We just caught up with news and newspaper review.
Sleep Tea time.
Off to bed with my warm hands....








Tuesday 19 September 2023

Time To Say Goodbye!

People who live in glass houses might as well answer the door - Morey Amsterdam
Welcome to my sad Tuesday 😒
I will be saying goodbye to my good friend of 30 years later.
Breakfast and Brew.
Just took my rain mac just in case...
I gave hubby a sloppy wet one πŸ’‹before I left.
I had to go a different way to work,as the road was still closed the normal way I go.
Just gets onto the dual carriageway, when a red skoda (Like mine and same year) came speeding off the side road, had to slow down behind the van as he couldn't overtake it all the way to the island. Once it carried on ahead, it overtook six cars and pulled in front of another car just before the other island.
Finally got to work in one piece after witnessing that!
I was not taking any chances of any rain, the way my luck has been. On goes the winter coat and summer hat, and waterproof boots.
I go and turns on my lights, and comes back to pick up my big stick.
I go and switch on my other lights.
Now down to my spot I go.
I got chatting to a friend.
Then the rain came lashing down!
I saw my mate who gives tickets out on car drivers who park where they are not supposed to , had lost a stone and half. Looking well good!
Still having car drivers leaving it the last minute to brake!
Finished in one piece!
I went to the Petrol Station to get my newspaper and fill up Sexy Beast.
By the time I got into Sexy Beast, and drove to the small traffic island. The man came runnng out of the shop, and said my card was declined!
I had to reverse Sexy Beast and go back in the shop. Tapped my card and it was declined again!
Put the pin number in and the computer said "Approved!"
Back home I go.
I got my things ready for the funeral.
Coffee time.
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Liquid lunch time.
I get ready while waiting for hubby to come back.
His clothes are on the bed waiting for him.
Hubby comes back and has a sloppy wet one.
Hubby has a quick lunch, and gets changed.
We leave early to get a seat in the church.
We park in a field by the church and walk to the church. The rain keeps off.
The church is starting to fill up. I get the pew at the back, and sit by the walk.
I must have had a crying competition with the woman in front.
It was a lovely service.
Once I got out of the church,
Someone asked me ,"Are you alright?"
I just smiled, chatted to some ex-customers of mine. Then we walked back to the car.
We waited to drive out as there were people weren't watching for other cars coming etc.
Once the cost was clear,we drove back home.
I did see my ex-boss go past me, grinning like a cat at me.....
Cup of brew needed!
I wrote another blog post from June.
( I will catch up soon enough)
Tea was ready.
Looked in today's newspaper.
I needed a uplift film to watch...
Then we caught up on the news.
Sleep tea time.
Hoping for a sunny Hump tomorrow 🐫



Tuesday 12 September 2023

Trying To Chew It Off....

Appreciate me now, and avoid the rush - Ashleigh Brilliant
Welcome to my busy Tuesday πŸ”
Breakfast and Brew.
As it was raining, and going to carry on raining this morning, on goes the sexy lumo trousers.
Put on rain mac, and ran to Sexy Beast.
I gave hubby a sloppy wet oneπŸ’‹ before I left for work.
On goes summer hat, winter coat and waterproof boots.
As it is pouring down with rain.
I go and turn on my lights, and back up to my other lights to turn them on.
A new Pillar Box topper↓
Back to
Sexy Beast to get my big stick.
I walked over to my spot.
I was getting well warm in the rain.
In the end, I took off my gloves, and my hood.
Lots of kids to cross over.
I had 3 cars ignore me on the other side of the road, including one parent who I used to talk to.
It kept starting to rain.
Finished in one piece.
I had to take off my sexy lumo trousers as I was well warm!
I got my newspaper, then onto to do some Council business for a few hours.
Back home to pick up son for his job interview.
Quick coffee...
Then out...
I had a look around while younger son went for his interview.
Nice ;)
Gets what I needed to get.
Son comes back and says he has got the day job.
Woo hoo!
When we left the store, the heavens opened!
Back home.
Small lunch.
Younger son went off on my bike to see his older brother.
I was running late to go to my job!
I didn't put on sexy lumo trousers as it was forecasting not to rain anymore!
I put on my Summer hat,Winter coat, and waterproof shoes, (Just in case it does rain)
I go and put one set of lights, then down for a visit to the Charity Shop. We had a good yak in there.
All of my friends appeared in the Charity Shop.
I said goodbye to the staff in there and walked back up the road, turning on my other light on the way.
I fetch my big stick and go and stand in the square for a little rabbit.
Those dark clouds coming over doesn't look good.
I said goodbye to my friends as I started my afternoon shift.
This is where the fun starts.
Someone parks on double yellow lines.
The car drivers coming up the road now have a problem seeing me crossing the road!
While in the middle of the road, I was waiting for a child to cross over, a van driver just drove past, realising a child was coming over, he said "Sorry" when he drove past me!
The lovely parent that tried to run me over last year in her previous car, decided not stop as I was crossing over the road.
Nice loud BOING she received for not stopping!
Finished in one piece, just!
Back home.
Jumped into the shower.
Got some lovely things from the Charity shop earlier↓
Nice cup of brew.
Something must be in the air.
First my younger son chewed my head off about joining a Union. I soon put him right on a few things.
Hubby comes home and tries twice to chew my head off!
He didn't get to do it for the third time!
Tea was served up.
Then off out for me as I had a Council Meeting to go to...
Has Council meeting.
Back home.
Hubby had gone to see his friend who had just lost his dad.
I wrote another blog post.
Looked into today's newspaper.
Watched some news.
Sleep Tea time.
Hoping for a sunny Hump Day tomorrow 🐫