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Sunday 20 September 2020

Flash, Bang, & Wallop

To Start Press Any Key.Where's the ANY key? -
Common query to computer helplines 
Welcome to my Sunday🎈
I had a bit of a lie-in..
(For a change)
Brew and hug↑
Leaves in Sexy Beast↓
Drops off one son to do more Boxing.
Visits my parents.
Has a good chat
Watered the flowers on the grave behind my parents.
Off to check tyres on Sexy Beast.
Picked up son, he was nice and sweaty.
Back home.
Crumpet time!
Hubby did some more pruning↓
I did some baking while he did that.
That looks better \o/
Light lunch.
My jam tarts were ready!
Tea at 3↓
Once I got the hand of this new blogger, I got yesterday's blog wrote!
The Steak and Mushroom Pie I made earlier was ready to eat↓
Mincemeat pie
Someone had left the step-ladder by the stairs.
I caught my big foot on it,
The Step- ladder broke the glass in my picture!!!
He quickly moved the step ladders after he heard the smash and my blue language!
We carried on watching Louis Theroux's updated programme:
With some Sleep Tea↓
Back on that Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow 🎡