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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Suits You Sir!

Welcome to a warm Tuesday.
The special powers t-shirt had to be worn...↓↓
 Busy day ahead for our two kids.
One is off to Drayton Manor,
The other has Sports Day.
 The sun is coming out.
Kisses hubby 💋💋
Day 2 of 5 for lollipop...
 Some cars are failing to stop again.
Finished in one piece.
 The coaches ready to take our son and his year out on their day trip.
 Back to pick up a perscription.
Comes back home...
Dark clouds....↓
 At least it's getting warmer....↑↑
 Had a good dinnertime.
The clouds have lifted.
Time for a sing a long to see my dad.
 Makes my dad a sandwich.
I enjoy a quick coffee before starting my final shift of Job 1.
 Pole dancing..?
Some cars are determined not to stop...
I finish in one piece...
Gets home to find Jack's suit has arrived for this week's prom.
 It still has the tags on the suit.
Total price of suit and bag =£230
Off to Job 3.
cake anyone??↓↓↓↓
 Back to chill on the bench...
 Didn't realise the two bags of frozen veg were on a recall notice.
Binned and started again ....
Jack comes back from his day trip.
Tries on his suit for the prom.
Fits like a glove....
Already for the a dry hump tomorrow....