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Saturday 19 December 2015

The Milkshake Is Not Supposed To Go There!!!

Woo hoo we have reached the Saturday before Christmas.
We was supposed to leave the house early...
Yeah right, 
We pulled off the drive about 10.30am!!!!
Santa Hat and Xmas jumper being worn!
Checked tyres and filled the Pink Princess up with diesel
Now on off to Kidderminster....
Loads of last minutes Xmas presents via the charity shops!
Popped into see my Father-in-law.
I don't know who needed to charge their mouth battery afterwards,
Me or Him!!
Bellies were rumbling...
So extra treat we went for pizza at Pizza Hut.
Came out to find someone had threw milkshake all over the Pink Princess.

Friday 4 December 2015

Lots of Shake,Shake,Shake...

Woo Hoo Friday has arrived!
Celebrating by doing a lot of Shake,Shake Shake
Didn't see that BMW driver of the last two days.
Just plain busy trying to keep alive!
Made the most of the day by:
Wrapping some presents,
Followed by some nice expensive filter coffee,
A little bit of housework was done,(not too much, mind)
Picked hubby up from the bus stop.
We are temporary down to one car!
My Pink Princess will be used a lot this weekend!
Happy Weekend Everyone!

Friday 30 October 2015

Playing The Game Of Love x

Woo hoo it's Friday once more!
Woke up at 4am.
Made full use of a sleeping husband ;)
Later on I had my hair trimmed,(so not a coconut style just yet!)
Picked up Pink Princess from having her service done.
Now it needs her timing belt changed....£££££££ :(
We were child-free for 2 hours.
So what do you think we did?????
We sat round the near-by lake in the car,
Eating fish and chips, watching the rain come down!
More nibbles later......


Friday 29 May 2015

Window Shopping!

What a day I have had!
First we have had heavy rain on and off.
We starts to take newly fixed hubby's car out for a trip out.
However,it was veering to the left a lot.
Back to the garage it went....
More work to be carried out on it.
Meanwhile out came the Pink Princess for a spin instead.
Looked around Evesham Country Park.
All we did was window shop, because it was so  expensive!
Now I'm in the mood to make my own cheesecake after seeing how much one was too buy!!!!

Thursday 19 March 2015

Washing The Princess

Today I decided my Pink Princess (my car) needed a good spit & polish.
As I am in no rush today.
Out came the pink rubber gloves, bucket of hot water with sponge and a cup of coffee.
Gave her a good rub down with the sponge.
Dried her down.
Then out come the polish.
Even Henry came out to play.
The Princess was vacuumed all over.
Looking and smelling like a Princess now