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Monday 26 October 2015

Lots Of High Hopes

Woo hoo it's Monday once more.
Nice to enjoy a cup of tea with hubby.
He went to work, I stopped in bed for an extra half an hour.
Then I had the phone call!
More hours with Job 3
Woo Hoo! 
I nipped into my local Salvation Army Charity Shop.
Got some Xmas presents for my hubby and sons.
Now to start doing those extra hours..
The Duster and Henry at the ready! 


Friday 6 March 2015

Not Pink But Blue !!!

It's a lovely sunny day.
Whoo Hoo I got more hours at my third job
I was going to have some nice pink rubber gloves.
I went for the nice blue disposable gloves instead
I need my nice clean warm hands for other things ;)
I will be needing every penny towards the garage bill of my Pink Princess car.
Who at this rate, will be stopping on my drive, 
and I will have to break in my new trainers get me everywhere!