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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lots Of Squeezing ....

Today, I had a nice lie in (hubby had to go back to work)
Now to use those Bramley apples,
we made three apple pies.
They went into the freezer.
I used the remaining four oranges etc.
2 hours of stirring,stirring and more bloody stirring.
 The end result was 3 jars of marmalade !!!
Now to use up two and half bags of Bramley apples.....

Monday, 31 August 2015

It's Getting Very Wet and Slippy

It's Bank Holiday Monday.
It has rained all day :(
We visited Beckett's Farm for its Funday Monday.
Nearly slipped over in the mud twice,
(If I had, it would have caused a big enough crater to have seen from the moon ;P)
We got home to dry out.
Made 3 jars of marmalade and 2 jars of lemon curd.
Still got 3 bags of bramley apples to get through yet!