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Tuesday 23 May 2023

Didn't See The Sign!

Government is to life what pantyhose are to sex - PJ. O'Rourke
Welcome to my warm Tuesday 😎
I have a Planning Meeting to go to later on.
Breakfast and Brew.
Blue summer dress time.
Puts on my jacket on and it's time to leave.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋
Off I go...
My summer coat and summer hat goes on.
I go and put on my lights and get my newspaper.I swap my newspaper for my big stick.
I got chatting to people who wanted to know about things.I would find out the answers to them later on .
I turned on my lights and walked down to my spot.
The cars on the otherside are still driving through. One red mini drove straight under my stick, and done the Limbo.
If my stick was a bit lower it could have scratched that nice shiny black roof of his!
Finished in one piece.
Now to drop off the raffle prizes.
Dropped them round, and got questions on bad parking. I will find out the answers for it.
Back home I go.
On goes the coffee machine as well as the washing machine.
Sorts out the things I need for the meeting tonight.
Wrote one blog post.
Hung the washing on the line.
Liquid lunch time.
Let's hope yesterday doesn't repeat itself!
On goes Crowded House Greatest Hits.
I did have to blast my horn, as a Camper van tried to pull out on me from a side road!
It tried to speed up to catch me, but another car got in front it!
I put on my summer hat and summer coat.
Met another Councillor and showed me around the Recreation Ground.Once a fortnight I have to go round and inspect everything.
There are 3 signs telling people no dogs allowed.
One man was on his phone with two dogs.
I was going to tell him dogs are not allowed.The other Councillor told him,
"Didn't know," came back the man's answer! 
We finished looking at everything.
Said goodbye to him, and walked up to turn on the lights.
Then off to look into the Charity Shop.
On the case about the sign being put down Birmingham rd.
Turned on my ligths and walked back to Sexy Beast. 
Collected my big stick and we went into the square for a rabbit.
Enjoying the suns rays.
Then it was time to say goodbye to my friends.
The cars on the otherside were not stopping.
BOINGs given out to them.
Last minute brakers on my side.
Finished in one piece.
Now back home.
Puts the food in the oven.
Cup of brew time.
Hubby comes home and has a sloppy wet one 💋
It was nice tea.
(Forget to take a pic)
Now I have to go out for a Council Meeting.
Gets stuck behind a Sunday Driver on the way there.
The High Street is even busier at this time than at went I am on a duty in the afternoon.
Gets to the Meeting in time.
All done in 23 minutes.
Back home I go.
Hubby had put the duvet cover inside out.
He said he hadn't!
Until I showed him the label! 
I helped him put it right.
I'm glad the windows were open, as sweating cobs after that!
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Sleep Tea Time.
Hoping for a Sunny Hump Day 🐫