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Sunday 31 July 2022

Nice Get Away!

I do clean up sometimes. If I'm expecting company, I'll wipe the lipstick off the milk container - Elayne Boosler
 Welcome to my quiet Sunday 💓
Where has the sun gone?
Now to do todays Heardles:
Heardle 60s:
My son's answers were:
Breakfast and Brew time.
Now to water the plants in the garden.
Coffee machine gets put on.
Washing machine goes on as well.
Now to have a little play with Kenny!
Once the cake was made, in the oven it went.
Packed the overnight bag ready for tonight.
Once the cake was done and cooled down.
Time to decorate it!
Ex-plum came to take out our younger son for a meal, which was delayed due to Ex-Plum catching Covid.
We had our lunch.
with some of the cake I made earlier.
Quick look into this weekend's newspaper:
UK No.1 on this day in 1968:
Tommy James and the Shoudells - Mony Mony 
US No.1 on this day in 1971:
James Taylor - You've Got A Friend 
We sat in the garden and talked to Ex-Plum and his lovely wife. I gave her some Crochet magazines, as she can crochet a lot better than me!
Wished them a safe journey home.
Time to have a quick tea.
Grabbed the overnight bag.
Off for a nice overnight stay....
Nice car parked in the car park↓
Now to book in.
The Receptionist was so nice :)
Now upto the room we go.

Time to look around outside!

In the Lift↓

In need of a drink after all the fresh air!
The curtains wouldn't shut the whole way...
Now to test out the bed....
Night all..