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Sunday 22 August 2021

Wow, That's A Nice Looking Car!

Age is something that doesn't matter unless you are a cheese - Billie Burke.
Welcome to my Sunday in Farnbrough!
I looked through the blinds...
At least it's not raining...
Bit of squeeze to get through between that van and black car I thought!
It was a bit slippy underfoot in the shower.
Glad I didn't slip when I got out!
Shut that door....!
 Headed down for make it yourself breakfast.
We sat outside.
At least the sun is coming out!
Some of the other guests were saying about some guests booked in tonight turned up in a taxi at 4am demanding to have their rooms!
Check is 3pm not 4am! They got back into their taxi and left.
Once we had breakfast, we got our bag and left.
(Not coming back to this B&B) 
Now onto the car show.
Parks in the VIP car park.
Some nice cars to see↓
Now for hubby to have a go in a Sport's car.
Off he went for 20 mins.
Nice car came back while I was waiting for hubby to come back.
Hubby came back!
Now off to the VIP area...
Then we go up on the roof and looks down.
Back down to have a look around some more.
Up for lunch in the VIP area
Then one last look around.

Now back to the car.
Loads of traffic everywhere.
Half way home, we stopped for coffee and nibble.
 On the way back home, we picked up a Lucky Bag from Morrisons.
Finally got home after 4 hours travelling!
Unpacked the lucky bag..
Then we had tea.
Back out to get another Lucky Bag from Waitrose.
No rain this time.
Opens the lucky bag....
Sleep Tea time.
Hubby's back on the wobbly work wheel 🎡
So it's Goodnight from me, 
Goodnight from him 🎈