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Friday, 5 January 2018

Here Comes The Hot Stepper

Woo hoo it's Friday!
Still doing far too much of
Needed some strong coffee to start the day..
 The kinky black boot went on...↓
Now to enjoy some..
 Friday Feeling with a dose of fresh air..
Went to see the Doctor,
Hot stepping all the way..
He said:
" It will between 12 -16 months before the achillis tendon is fully heeled!"
Got 2 more doctor's notes... 
Can't have steriod injection into my shoulder until I have a MRI scan on it.
 (Last time I had a MRI, I took in Steps Greatest Hits to drown out the noise. I did ask if I was going to be doused in goose fat, so I could fit in the (they laughed at that.) I just had to breathe in, and through the hole I went.)
Rested the boot... 
 More chop chop....  
Tea is served...
Now to enjoy the start of the weekend..