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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way!

There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn - Albert Camus
Welcome to my Hump of the Week ๐Ÿช
Trying to rest the knee as much as I can!
Brew with a warm hug.
Hubby got my newspaper before work.
I gave him a wet sloppy ๐Ÿ’‹ before left for work.
One son also a had wet one before he left for school too.
Coffee time
Look in the newspaper↓
Robert Vaughn was an American actor noted for his stage, film and television work. His television roles include suave spy Napoleon Solo in the 1960s series The Man from U.N.C.L.E.; wealthy detective Harry Rule in the 1970s series The Protectors; Morgan Wendell in the 1978–1979 mini series Centennial; formidable General Hunt Stockwell in the fifth season of the 1980s series The A-Team; and grifter and card sharp Albert Stroller in the British television drama series Hustle (2004–2012), for all but one of its 48 episodes. He also appeared in the British soap opera Coronation Street as Milton Fanshaw, a love interest for Sylvia Goodwin between January and February 2012.
In film, he portrayed quiet, skittish gunman Lee in The Magnificent Seven, Major Paul Krueger in The Bridge at Remagen, the voice of Proteus IV, the computer villain of Demon Seed, Walter Chalmers in Bullitt, Ross Webster in Superman III, General Woodbridge in The Delta Force, and war veteran Chester A. Gwynn in The Young Philadelphians, which earned him a 1959 Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He died on this day in 2016 aged 83.
I got the pastry rolled out and added to the dish for tonight's meal.
My younger brother turned up with the forms I had to sign.
One happy soul as normal!
Stirring the poop with everyone as normal.
He hasn't inherited the tact button in his mouth from our dad.
"If you can't say nothing nice, don't say it at all!" I repeated that phase to him.
The Solicitor wanted to know where my late mum's will was.
They did joint wills, however my dad didn't want to pay for the storage of it. So Prodical son made him write out another one.
Pity that other will can't be found as I know for a fact, the Prodical son isn't in that one!
God knows how long it will sort out to close this final bank account of my dad's....
After January 2021 no doubt!
I blind baked the pastry.
 Once it had cooled down, I mixed the double cream and eggs with a dash of basil.
Added the peppers, garlic, goat's cheese and spring onions in the tart base.
Added the everything else and left it in the oven for later.
Now to blog!
I caught up with more Hell's Kitchen ↓
More parcels came to keep the postman happy↓
Finished writing yesterday's blog post \o/
Just in time for Tea at 3. 
Put the oven on.
It is getting dark about 3.15pm now.
Time to draw the curtains.
Caught up on reading the week's newspapers.
(All ready to go in the recycle bin, as they are being emptied tomorrow)
Read a few more Sewing books...
I gave hubby a wet one when he came home ๐Ÿ’‹ 
Now to serve up the tart....
Spring Onion, Peppers,Goat's Cheese Tart.
 We ate one of the apple pies I made during August. Another 37 to go!
Now for more:
With some Sleep Tea.
We will be able to catch up with episode 6 of series 19 of Hell's Kitchen tomorrow↓
Hope the sun comes back today,
As it's been a bit of a grey Hump Day ๐Ÿช





Monday, 10 August 2020

Pass The Ice Cubes Over Here!

Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius - Fulton J Sheen
Welcome back to Monday!
Back on the tiny Wobbly Work Wheel๐ŸŽก
 Brew and hug time↑
Out for the daily walk↓
 It's getting well warm.
 I gave hubby a sloppy ๐Ÿ’‹ when he left to go to work.
I had a quick look in the newspaper↓
  I fed the birds.
Watered all of the plants in the garden.
Put my washing away,
Sorted out another basket of washing.
Cleaned the kitchen.
 On goes the washing machine
Now out to get some supplies....
Time to listen to some great music↓
 It's starting to get well warm↓
 Asda again↓
 Red light time↓
  I got some bargains for our kids in the way of clothes↓
 3 short sleeved shirts 
2 t-shirts
1 pair of shorts.
All in the sale.
Bargain \o/
Unpacked shopping when I got home,
Put washing on line.
Finally get to sit down for the first coffee of the day!
 Raiding the bag of apples↓
 In the pan they go↓
 I made an apple crumble for tonight.
2 apple pies.
1 went in the our freezer.
I took the other one round to my neighbour↓
He asked if I had any egg cups?
Loads I replied.
I gave him two.
He gave me a t-shirt he bought and didn't want.
I said,"I will stretch it to become a short dress in no time!"↓↓
 I had a early lunch↓
 My new glasses arrived↑↑
We shall see if anyone notices.....
 Adult Play Time↑↑
"That's better. A bit of nude sunbathing! Surely no one is going to spy  on me doing it!" said Karen to her friend who refused to take her ๐Ÿ‘™ off...
Now to get on writing yesterday's blog...
Closely followed by Tea at 3. 
 The apple crumble was ready↓
It was already too hot....
So lets whip up a hot Beef Stir Fry...
The sweat was pouring down my face...
So glad to have a much needed ice cream for dessert!
Off to do job next....
The thunder is getting louder over the house↓
 Nice big tune to start the week↓
 The thunder was getting really loud now.
I'm glad it stopped raining when I got home↓
 I jumped into a cold shower when I got back...
It was so warm!
We started to watch season 5 of:
My Sleep tea↓
 "Karen, you are sunburnt all over! You have no white bits!" says Randy... 
"Just past me that ice cube, Randy pls" said Karen.
Not sleeping under that 16 tog duvet tonight! 

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Pushing It Out!

When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them - Rodney Dangerfield
Welcome to my Tuesday๐Ÿฟ
Phone call to the doctors later...
I woke up early with a migrane.
Downstairs for pain killers and a sleep on the sofa↓
  I was woken up later on for brew and breakfast.
Back upstairs I go↓
 Brew and hug.
Gets Dressed.
Out for the daily walk↓
 Back in record time↓
 Quick read of the newspaper with coffee↓
 Phones up the Doctors.
Going to see the female Doctor later...
Writes up yesterday's blog.
Jumps into the shower...
Now off to see the Doctor↓
 Up the hill I go.
I sit in the waiting room with my face mask on.
The female doctor has full PPE on.
Had to slip off the underwear and lie on the couch.
The car jack came out.
First up was the smear.
Then my muscles pushed out the car jack to the surprise of the Doctor.
"What strong muscles you have!" She said.
She had to put the car jack back in to take more swabs.
When she finished, I got up and put my underwear back on.
I asked the Doctor:
"Will I have to have the pram took away?"
After a few minutes she grasped what I was talking about.
"No, that is the last resort," she replied.
Blood test next month to see if there is anything more going on....
If the Hunt for Red October gets any worst, I have to see the Doctor again.
Now back down the hill↓
 Back home.
I go round to give my neighbour some mail that was delivered to us by mistake.
He asked me if I liked coffee???
"Of course!"
He then gives me↓
 I say thank you very much!
Another friend pops round to see me.
He bought me a magazine to thank me for giving him some flour during Lockdown.
 We have a good yak in the garden. 
I knock some apples off the tree, and he takes them home with him.
The Birthday Girl comes over with some cake for the kids.
Hubby and I only had a bit...
 I said thank you to my friend for coming over.
Then onto to make more apple pies...↓
 I put the big one to bake in our oven.
I took round the other two to my neighbour.
Nice easy tea for tonight↓
 My friend had left her purse on our sofa while she was here earlier. Phoned her up to say she had left her gold bullion here.
She came and collected it.
 Off to work I go afterwards↓
 With some big tunes↓
 It was still daylight when I got home↓
 Pie done↓
 Carrying on with the NYPD boxset↓
 with some sleep tea↓
 A busy day tomorrow.
My late dad's 79th Birthday
Eye Test....