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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Enjoying The Sunshine In A Dab Of Pink!

We got ready for a Wedding Service.
Out came the pink hat...
 The sun was shining...
Off to the Wedding Service
 Hubby had the alcohol drink.
(as I was driving and I was happy with my lemonade)
It was a lovely Wedding Service
 I took loads of photos.
(including some of the happy couple)
I didn't have to worry wearing a bit of pink..  As another guest was head to toe in pink...
A bit like....


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Walking Hump #2

Welcome to my Hump of the Week!
I made a homemade Steak and Kidney pie for tonight...(with added bird)
Day of lifts and lots of walking.
(As my broomstick was also being mended)
At least the sun is shining....
No sign of having Larry back yet.
So after the afternoon stint of Job 1
We all walked 45 minutes to get back home.
Lots of moans from our children.
I said,"It is could worst!"
"How come?"
"It could be raining....!"