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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Yeah,Yeah, It's Far Too Early!

If I am really a part of your dream, you'll come back one day - Paulo Coelho
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐪
It's going to be hit and miss with the rain today....
I am going to B3 later.....  
 Mmmm I enjoyed my hug and cup of tea in bed...
Before everyone left...
They  had to have their wet 💋💋💋
I had to leave early to avoid the traffic..
 It started to rain again!
Avoided some of the traffic jams!
 Time to B3↑
I nipped into Lakeland to get more things for the upcoming I am doing.
 The Christmas items are ready to buy now
(Far too early!)
 I enjoyed coffee and yak!
 Then off on a different way to work...
This way wasn't too bad either!
Now to look at the newspaper
 I looked across the fields of fun before I went into work.
 I had a nice matching red face to my red t-shirt I was wearing.
I tried another way home...
I ended up going through Feckenham,Astwood Bank, Alcester and Studley.
A good half an hours drive.
Listening and singing along with some great tunes....
 Loads of things arrived for me today↓
 I will be getting my 🍭 uniform and my start date next week \o/
I went off to the Happy Place Of Work...
(Not being paid today...;@
It's going to be tomorrow instead )
As my son was hogging the kitchen,
Making cake.
We had to resort to having a takeaway↓
 What my fortune cookie says↓
 Now to burn off the take-away by going off to work with some good music!
 I came back to catch up with the MP's shouting at Boris Johnson....
Now for snuggles......


Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Once Met, Never Forgotten!

Five exclamation marks:the sure sign of an insane mind - Terry Pratchett
Welcome to my Hump of the Week🐫
Let's hope we are not going to have repeat of the wet one we had yesterday!
The updating of our bedroom is getting there...slowly 🐢🐢🐢
At least the wardrobes are put together, and the chest of drawers are slowly being filled up.
 I need another bedside cabinet with drawers as I am running out of room!!!!! 
Once I gave some sloppy kisses 💋💋💋  to everyone before they left the house.
I searched high and low and found a bedside cabinet!
Out the door I go.
I nipped into my local Tesco Express, bumped into an ex-postman (We had a chin wag) and a former PCSO who I knew while I did my ex-lollypop job. 
Then I went to collect the bedside cabinet.I got no help from the seller, who said;
"Don't trip over the step,that would be more paperwork for me!"
I carried to my Sexy Beast. On the way I dropped some bread around to my dad's (As he had phoned earlier, wanting some). My younger brother had already got him some!!!!!
I some how got the bedside cabinet up the stairs, and on top of the chest of drawers!
 It won't be stopping this colour....
I had a quick coffee with toast...
Back out without a rain coat!
 At least George is having fun with Zippy!
 I had a quick sneak at the Newspaper
 It was a Very Important Birthday Today↓
*Georgie Fame is 76 years old...*
 Now to make the most of the dry dinnertime!
 I entertained a year of children with my acting on how my invisible remote turned off the projecter.
(The Teacher had the real remote)
We had a visit from the Paramedics, one of them recognised me from two years ago, when I had my accident in the car park.
She was on the scene in her ambulance.
"You were the one who had the ankle accident!" She said to me...
"Once met, never forgotten," I said.
Finally got home 
 Rather large parcel was waiting for me↓
 I hope it's not a 🐰
I had a free sample of perfume↓
Loads up dishwasher.
Off to work I go.
Before I mopped the kitchen floor, I couldn't find my Wet Floor Sign...
I got my spare one from the factory toilets.
I asked my boss if he had seen it.
It had been disposed off as he fell over it last night!!!
I told him, "There are more people who slip on wet floors, then trip over wet floor signs!"
He wasn't having any of it.
I am waiting for my other sign to disappear!
Gets back home.
The kids go and fetch the new lawnmower my hubby ordered from Aldi, that had been delivered to one of the factory units down the bottom!.
I meanwhile am making a Shepherd's Pie for tea!
After tea, 
I was out doing my other job with some good music at hand!

I'm already to wear that 👙 soon....
The hot weather is coming....