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Saturday 27 May 2023

Blackpool, Here We Come!

Part Two:
We went the back way to the B&B.
We had to park in the side street around the corner as there was no room outside.
We signed in....
We opened the door....

Now out to explore Blackpool:
Now to catch the tram into Blackpool town centre.

Now for a coffee and nibble...
A man wearing a Wolves Football kit walked off the street and pushed into the queue for the toilet. Nice!
We carried on walking about.
Back to the B&B we go.
Out for an explore again.
Back to the B&B for something to eat.
Telly time.
Night all x

Monday 2 August 2021

Making The Most Of The Sunshine!

 If you play with anything long enough it will break - Murphy's Law
Welcome to my Monday in Blackpool🗼
Nice warm hug with brew to start Monday!
Had a lovely cooked breakfast.
We are going to explore outside Blackpool today.
Now out to get the tram!
We missed one tram.
The next tram was full.
The next tram we squeezed on.
When we got down to Starr Gate.
We saw a classic tram!
Tries to run for the bus.....
Misses it!
Another bus goes past and didn't stop at our bus stop :(
Now to wait half an hour for the next bus.
Helicoper about.
Gets the bus to Lytham!
Nice charity shops to look around.
One bargain find↓
Nice pair of shoes,
(Pity they were not my size!)
We sat down in the public square to rest our feet!
Then we caught the bus to
St Annes on Sea.
I got loads of bargains.
Our favourite shop shut at 3pm.
So we nipped into another Coffee Shop.
The person serving wasn't very nice, when I only ordered 3 drinks and not 4.
One of my sons didn't want anything!
I bought some crochet blankets...
I hope soon I will be able to do my own!
We went into one place and before he gave us a price on anything, he looked it up on Ebay!
The Porsche was £16
The lambo was £14.
I decided on something else...
It was too late to visit the Les Dawson Statue.
(We will come up again on Thursday!)
Back on the bus to Starr Gate...
Gets the tram to the South Pier.
Food time.
Well full now....
Now to wait for tram back to the B&B

Back to unpack all the bargains we got today.
Time for a hot chocolate with nibble...
Then to rub down hubby with my warm hands and with....