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Thursday 15 September 2022


 People will believe anything if you whisper it - Karl Kraus
Welcome to my Thursday 🚚
Nice bit stretch \o/
Heardle Time:
Heardle 60s
My answers:
Breakfast and Brew time.
Now to leave....
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one before I leave 💋💋💋
One big Tune to listen to and sing along with...↓
I gets my newspaper.
Then on goes the Summer Coat.
Time to put on my lights....
On goes my lights.
Now for the fun to start...
 A lorry turned up and parked on the double yellow lines opposite where I was.
The driver seem to find something funny!
I had chaos of car drivers not giving away for cars coming the other way.
The car drivers were not stopping for me as normal.
That resulted in me giving out 5 BOINGs.
One speeding low loader lorry had to do emergency stop, so hard he braked, he skidded!
At least I survived to tell the tale!
Back to Sexy Beast 
Home I go. 
Coffee machine goes on.
Waters the garden front and back.
Coffee time.
Now to carry on writing the 3 blog posts up to lunch!
Light lunch time!
I had my Amazon orders.
However they were left by my garden gate....
Oh well what I bought will be going up when I get back!
Time to do the afternoon shift.
I spoke to my late neighbour's son before I left.
Another big tune to sing along with on the way to work:
Puts on my Summer coat.
Turns on my lights.
Then I sit in the square to have a good rabbit with both of my friends.
One friend wasn't feeling too well.
I said goodbye to my friends.
My supervisor turned up to see how I am doing.
Told him of all the fun I have been having.
Car Drivers started to stop....
Until one car drove straight under my stick!
Too quick for a BOING!
Told him about the lorry parking on the double yellow lines this morning.
Nice to see him again.
Off home I went...
Cup of brew is needed.
The new net curtains were put up in the kitchen.
Now for the new ones for the living room.
My younger son came back with some second hand records he bought from town.
£29 altogether.
I told him a story,
Back in 1989, I had to travel to Birmingham every Wednesday to go to College.
There was a shop called Reddingtons Rare Records↓
I went into there one Wednesday, and spent £21 on three 7" records.
I still have those records.
I told my son to go onto Ebay in future.
Loads of Beatles records on there....
As the Christmas Present I want him to get me is:
12 inch of The Race by Yello↓
I chattering to my friend on the phone when hubby came home.
He had a sloppy wet one 💋
He tested out his cooking skills..
Quick look into today's newpaper:
UK No.1 on this day in 1966:
Small Faces - All or Nothing. 
UK No.1 on this day in 1990:
The Steve Miller Band - The Joker
US No.1 on this day in 1962:
The Four Seasons - Sherry 
US No.1 on this day in 1973:
Helen Reddy - Delta Dawn
We watched Motorway Cops on speeding drivers!
Sleep Tea Time.
The Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈






Sunday 5 December 2021

Going Up Up Up

 I've killed so many plants.I walked into a nursery once and my face was on a wanted poster - Rita Rudner
Welcome to my Sunday Love💓
I woke up at 7.20am and needed a cup of brew.
I left Sleeping Beauty have a lie in.
I got on writing my blog posts for the last 3 days.
After I wrote Thursday's, he appeared like magic!
More brew, breakfast and warm hug soon followed.
Got dressed.
Now to go out for some fresh air in Sexy Beast.
Checks the tyre pressures on Sexy Beast.
Then home.
Hubby and kids put up the Christmas Decs and tree.
Hubby puts the Christmas decs outside.
I wrote Friday's blog post up to lunch.
The Christmas Tree is looking nice once more :)
The Naughty Elf is after my Teas!
Today's Tea is:
While I was writing yesterday's blog post.
Hubby gets out the Ab's machine.
He has the whole time of the 12" of "The Race" by Yello to do as many Stomach Crunches as he can in 13 mins and 25 seconds
He manages 110.
Once he cools down, he goes for a shower.
I keep a eye on tea in the oven.
Publishes all 3 blog posts.
Now to dish up the tea!
We all catch up on Friday's episode of
"Have I Got News For You"
Now to carry on with the series=
  Live and Death Row.
Series 1: 2 of 3 Judgement 
This film follows the trial of 26-year-old Guy Heinze Jr, with remarkable access to the jury members charged with reaching a verdict on allegations that Heinze beat his father and seven members of his family to death. As the trial progresses, there is legal manoeuvring while evidence about the brutal killings unfolds.
Series 1: 3 of 3 Crisis Stage. 
The final film of the series follows 25-year-old legal student Kelly Hickman as she attempts to save two of the young killers facing execution in America.
Kelly volunteers at the University of Houston Death Penalty Clinic, a team of Texan students who help mount last-ditch legal appeals for killers on death row.
The team are working on two 'crisis cases' - cases where all of the offenders' normal legal appeals have failed and they are now just weeks away from execution.
Robert Pruett was sentenced to death for murdering a prison guard at the age of 20. He was already one of the youngest killers in the American prison system, having been sentenced to 99 years for his involvement in another murder at the age of 16.
Robert Garza was a member of the notorious Tri-City Bombers street gang and was sentenced to death at the age of 20 for his part in the drive-by killing of four young women.
As execution day dawns, Kelly feels frustratingly shut out of the legal process, confined to her office and following events over the internet and the phone as news filters through of an eleventh-hour intervention by the Supreme Court 
Series 2: 1 of 4 = Execution 
Series telling the story of capital punishment through the eyes of young people whose lives have been shaped by it.
On March 11 2009, Daniel Lopez was pulled over for driving erratically. The dramatic car chase that ensued killed a police officer and 27-year-old Daniel was given the death penalty. Unusually for a death row prisoner, he is resisting all appeals to block his execution - which is due in five weeks time. The state-appointed attorneys for Lopez are arguing that their client is using the justice system as a form of suicide. His family are also pleading with him to fight the execution and stay alive for them. With access to Daniel, his lawyers, his parents and the widow of the police officer that Daniel killed, this film follows the lead up to 'execution day'. Will Daniel go to his death, as he insists he wants to do, or will the people who love him be able to save him?
Series 2: 2 of 4 = Punishment.
Series telling the story of capital punishment through the eyes of young people whose lives have been shaped by it. With unprecedented access inside prison walls, it discovers what it's like to live with the threat of the death chamber, as well as hearing from victims and their families, and the family of those on death row - some praying for execution, some hoping for a reprieve. Each episode focuses on different aspects of the system - execution, punishment and the complex nature of 'truth'.
In April 2013, 18-year-old Shawn Ford Jr was charged with killing his girlfriend's parents with a sledgehammer. Now he is on trial for his life and a jury of 12 ordinary people must decide whether he should live or die. This film follows the court case from the inside, as both the family of the victims and the defendant struggle to come to terms with such a horrific crime. But it is the jurors who must ultimately decide Shawn's fate. As the details of the shocking murders mount, can an impassioned plea for mercy from Shawn's mother save her son's life?
Sleep Tea Time  
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow...🎡