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Saturday 10 July 2021

Bang, Crash, The Lid Comes Off!

 That money talks, I'll not deny: I heard it once, it said, "Goodbye." - Richard Armour
Welcome to my Saturday 💪
I had a hot flush at 4.30am....
I couldn't cool down.....
Downstairs I went for a bit under the fan with a cup of tea!
I fell asleep for an hour...
Woke up and made a brew....
Took them upstairs....
Woke up Sleeping Beauty before the alarm went off...
We listened to Sounds of the 60s...
Got one son up for his job.
Hubby waited for the Satellite repair man to come while I dropped off son at work.
I have a coffee and chat at my son's work.
Then off to Sainsbury's to drop off some shoes at the shoe bank.
Nipped into Sainsburys while I was there.
I gets back home shortly after.
No sign of the Satellite repair man, it had gone past 10am!

On his way, was his response when asked.
We had a sneaky bacon sandwich while waiting.
I went back to bed half an hour later to catch up on the sleep I missed this morning.
When I woke, the tree outside my son's bedroom window was just losing a large branch!
The Satellite Repair man, fixed the cable  that led from the sky box to the sky dish, however the branch belonging to the tree was blocking the signal.
He did offer to move the dish to the chimney for £150.
The tree losing one branch was the cheaper option.
The branch was added to the pile that was going down the Household tip tomorrow!
Light lunch.
We watched another episode of Hotel Inspector.
Then it was out for a little ride to get some bits..from...
Got some vanish for the garden bench.
Glue to glue back a horn back on the bull...
Next stop was a visit to our local Shopping Centre.
Parked in the Car Park.
Got some bits from Wilkinson's.
(Nice wind chime for the garden)
You still have to wear facemasks.
Some wasn't, glad I was.
I won some nibbles off a website "Too Good To Go."
I picked up the nibbles from Cafe Nero.
Back home.
When we put the bags on the kitchen table.
Hubby slammed the bag from Homebase on the floor....
Oh dear, I looked in the bag, the lid of the vanish came off and the whole bag contained white vanish......
Unpacked the bag from Cafe Nero.
Now to put the tea in the oven for later on.
I actually won a lucky bag from Waitrose for £5.
(Will collect that later)
Tea is served.
Later on, to collect my Waitrose order.
Brings my lucky bag back.
Our kids and I enjoyed Sushi for the first time.
Quick read of the newspaper.
 After watching 2 more episodes of "Hotel Inspector", it was off to a nice inviting bed!