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Friday 13 August 2021

Watch Out, It's Friday 13th!

 "Don't be superstitious. Nothing will happen on Friday the 13th that cannot happen on Saturday the 14th." - Unknown 
Welcome to my Friday 13th Experience πŸ’₯
Warm hug with brew.
I gave hubby a sloppy wet πŸ’‹ before he left for work.
I got dressed.
Now out for a little ride in Sexy Beast.
The lawn is looking nice after the mow last night. 
Gets into B3
Had a quick look in Hobbycraft.
I got some needlework projects to do.
Reduced Unicorn cake mix.
Time for chat, coffee and nibble.
I looked on the reduced stand on the way out.
Cheese plant.
I said goodbye to my friend and off home I went.
Finally my paint and roller has arrived!
Light lunch.
Then out to the pond with younger son.
At least some of the ducks were hungry.
I gets back home to put the tea on.
Hubby comes back home to a sloppy wet 😘
I was telling how a Diamond bus caught fire in Kidderminster.
His got a message from his dad a few minutes later...
His dad was on that bus!!!
(His dad's picture of the burning bus)
Tea is served.
Cauliflower Cheese with Pork Steaks.
Hubby dropped off one son at his football on the way to this week's food shopping.
I meanwhile had to write yesterday blog post, plus the blog post from last Saturday.
Once that was done.
I published 6 blog posts!
Hubby came back with a small bags of shopping.
I sent several emails to various Council department to see if we need permission to insulate and board our loft.
(The Council won't do it.
They won't replace the 15 year old boiler!)
I will wait Monday to see what they have to say our request.
Once the shopping was put away.
I had a look into today's newspaper.
Bernard Manning was an English comedian and nightclub owner.
Manning gained a high profile on British television during the 1970s, appearing on shows such as The Comedians and The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club. His act became controversial as attitudes changed, with the result that Manning was rarely seen on television in the last few decades of his career. However, he continued to perform at live venues until his death
He would be 91 years old . 
He died aged 76 in 2007.
Sleep Tea time.
Now to enjoy the Friday Feeling 🎈in bed.