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Saturday 7 January 2023

Bingewatch Time!

You can stop almost anything from functioning by hitting it with a large rock - Russell Bell
Welcome to my Saturday Fun 👍
We listened to "The Sounds of the 60s" in bed.
UK Top 3 from 1963 
The Shadows - Dance On. 
Elvis Presley - Return to Sender
Cliff Richard - The Next Time. 
Breakfast and Brew.
Heardle time.
Heardle 60s:
My answers:
Thermal vest goes on as well as some layers.
Coffee machine goes on.
Dishwasher goes on.
Coffee time!
We write out the shopping list.
Now out for some fresh air.
Gets some things from Morrisons first.
Great Private Eye front cover.
Drink with nibbble...
Moving onto Lidl's.
Some nice things in the middle of the aisle.
Pity they didn't have them in my size!
Not got no room for another Kenny!
Done the shopping back home we go.
Puts the food away.
Now to unwrap a bargain I got earlier...
All my teddies from the film:
"The Secret Life of Pets" were put together.
Tea was put on.
Time to look into today's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1955: