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Sunday 16 February 2020

Batten Down The Hatchets!

One way to help the weather make up its mind is to hang out washing - Marcelene Cox
Welcome to my Sunday.
Catch up is the word for today! 
Caught up on the sleep....
Now for hot hugs and tea...
 Then for some adult fun ;)
I'm glad we did all the things we had to do yesterday.
Storm Dennis was banging my wind chimes!!
Coffee Time!
Used one of the ottomens I bought yesterday↓
Nibble time↓
 I cleaned the kitchen.
Washing machine & tumble drier are back on.
Hubby was sorting out all the odd socks.
Lunch time↓
I looked in the newspaper for the Birthdays↓
  Ian Lavender, British actor (Pike in Dad's Army) is 74 years old 🎈
 Lesley Gore, American singer (It's My Party, You Don't Own Me), dies of lung cancer aged 68 in 2015
Caught up with newspapers of the last few days.
We had a non - meat evening meal.
 Yum yum.
We watched Top Gear
 Freddie and Chris tackle the toughest off-road race on the planet: the brutal Baja 1000. Out on the track, there is a showdown between a Renault hot hatch, a Porsche sports car - and an old Lamborghini.
Laurence and Emilia Fox are the studio guests.
I got my things ready for tomorrow.
My Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 is going to be a small one... 


Saturday 15 February 2020

Spreading The Love

 I've got a hair in my mouth.That takes me back - Lily Savage
Welcome to my Saturday.
The alarm went off...
We listened to the final hour of "Sounds of the 60s".
Followed by tea and hug in bed↓
 We were all up and ready to leave the house↓
 Storm Dennis is bringing some strong winds...
Off two lose 2 stone in weight↓
 Pixie hair cut time↓
I got the back shaved to a number 3 to give it chance to grow.
Visited the charity shop.
My sole buy↓
We gots lots of reduced food from the near-by Co-op...
Nibble time↓
 Now to get some steak for tonight's belated Valentine's meal↓
  Back home to unpack all the lovely meat.
Son was dropped off at his boxing lesson.
We wrote a small shopping list.
Coffee and nibble time↓
 Off out to do some shopping and pick up my dunelm orders↓
 we did our little food shop.
I found someone's receipt and they did a smaller shop than we did↓
Now to look in Dunelm↓
 I got a large glitter red tablecloth for £5 instead of £20.
Red glitter placemats was down to £2.
I picked up my orders as well.
I have a nice new rug in the living room↓
 I finished my hubby's Valentine's presents I made for him↓
(The picture is from Dunelm)
 Pom Pom wreath, & red shiny 💗
The table is ready for the Valentine's Meal↓
 Big steak time!
 Hubby's presents↓
Now to let the tea go down before we start on the pudding...
Catch up time on the telly.
The Graham Norton Show
On the sofa are Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, co-starring in Trolls World Tour, Strictly star Oti Mabuse talking about The Greatest Dancer, and Alan Carr. With music from Sam Smith.
Found a way to pimp up my sideboard my late mum gave me...↓
 I looked in the newspaper for the birthdays↓
 Mick Avory, British rock drummer (The Kinks),is 76 years old 🎈
 Nat King Cole, was an American vocalist and jazz pianist. He recorded over one hundred songs that became hits on the pop charts.He died aged 45 in 1965.
 Now for the pudding followed by chocolates...
Now to drag a tired husband to the warm bed....