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Wednesday 26 May 2021

"Are You Going To Have A Certificate For That???"

 The first rule of business is: do other men for they would do you - 
Charles Dickens
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
Nice big hug with brew.
Get's kids up for school.
Then I pass about those wet sloppy 💋💋💋 to everyone.
Now to leave the house...
It was just cloudy.
No need for the big sunglasses so far...
I still put on my summer coat.
Tree Pic.
While I was waiting to put on my lights.
The lambo went past \o/
I got chatting to one of my old customers from the days of delivering his mail.
Now for the fun of Hump Day!
One while car failed to stop on the otherside of the road, I nearly clipped her windscreen.
She just looked back at me as she went past!
Once the bus stopped to drop off its passengers, a red sporty car overtook the bus, and had to slam its brakes on as I was in the middle of the road, crossing people over.
I heard the engine being revved up behind me!
People had to test the brakes coming up the road, as I was in the middle of the road!
I was glad to finish in one piece!
I gets home and forgets to get the newspaper and magazine.
Out and again gets it.
Then I got on with preparing the chicken casserole for tonight....
That was put in the oven for later.
Much needed coffee now.
I wrote 2 blog posts up to dinner time.
Now for a light lunch!
I had my wage slip from my Cleaning job.
Surprise, Surprise, no tax refunded from last month, and they even took £14 tax this month!
(I don't earn enough to pay tax!)
Phone call to the tax office tomorrow I think!
Back out to do the afternoon stint..
I managed to find a space near my Lollipop space.
The zip on my bum bag broke!
I hope this afternoon is going to be lot better than this morning....
I lowered my lollipop stick down.
One BMW had 2 options,
Go or lose windscreen.
It was eye to eye contact when he stopped short of having his windscreen cracked!
One car stopped in the Keep Clear space, so I stood in front of her!
I was glad to get finished! 
While I was chatting to my friend, the lock keyring broke off my car keys....
I said goodbye to my friend and back home I went.
Coffee and cupcake my son made at school.

Back out with some 60s tunes to singalong with:
I have white Land Rover following me,
trying to make me go faster than I should.
I take it, he doesn't like to do under 50mph?
I gets into work.
Fixes the hose to the vacuum cleaner.
Empty the bag and add a new bag.
Gives the filter a clean.
Adds it to the skip.
Gets 26 toilets cleaned.
Now to hoover 4 flights of stairs from top to bottom...
Finished off by using my blue mop to mop the floor at the bottom.
I was left a message in the Cleaning Comments book, "I need to see how much Toilet Cleaner you are using in the toilet!"
I wrote my reply:"Looking forward to it, Alas I won't be here much longer :("
One of the other cleaners replied to the comment on how much needs to go in the toilet:
"Are you going to have a certificate afterwards?"
Back to singing on the way home:
Gets home.
The casserole looked nice when it came out of the oven.
It didn't even touch the sides it was that nice!
Quick look in the today's newspaper.
 Ray Ennis  the vocalist / lead guitarist  with the Swinging Blue Jeans, (born in Huyton, Liverpool)
He is 81 years old 🎈
Colin Vearncombe , known by his stage name Black, was an English singer-songwriter. He emerged from the punk rock music scene and achieved mainstream pop success in the late 1980s, most notably with the 1986 single "Wonderful Life", which was an international hit the next year.
He would have been 59 years old 🎈
He sadly died aged 53 in 2016
Sleep tea time.
Hoping the sunshine will come back tomorrow!




Wednesday 2 December 2020

Raiding The Christmas Wardrobe!

You only live once - but if you work it right, once is enough.
 - Joe E Lewis
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
Warm hug with a brew.
Now for more Christmas themed clothes..
I gave my hubby a nice big sloppy 💋
The moon was still out.
On my way to my Lollipop 🍭 job.
Nice sunrise before I start!
Traffic wasn't too bad, plus I was getting a bit warm under my coat with all the layers!
Finished in one piece.
Back home to undo some layers..
Quick coffee.
Then out for a singalong.....
Has a quick read of the newspaper..
Dave Mount,  was the drummer in the 1970s glam-rock group Mud, whose string of hits included the clumping Tiger Feet (1974) and the million-selling Christmas chart-topper of that year, Lonely This Christmas.
He died aged 59 in 2006.
I look across the fields of fun...
Wearing another one of the facemasks I made.
When I though I couldn't have a bad dinner service, I was so wrong.....
Back to normal again :( :(
It was guess the year again on the way home.
Great songs to lift my mood....
Lunch time \o/
I had to leave early to get a space in the car park. It still was quite cold, but at least there was no white stuff arriving just yet!
Not having to repeat the staring competition from yesterday helped too!
Getting dark earlier!
Finishes in one piece.
I get's Monday blog post wrote.
I got the tea cooked and dished up...
The spices that cooked on the chicken made a difference.
Now to carry on with Hell's Kitchen season 12.
While hubby goes to Lidl and Aldi's to get more salads.
I write yesterday's blog about the fun I had!
Sleep Tea time.
I had better dig out those waterproof trousers and waterproof gloves....for tomorrow....
It's going to be a wet one!