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Saturday 29 October 2022

Enjoying The Lights!

Do you like Pina Colonics and getting caught in the rain? -
Homer Simpson
Welcome to my Saturday in Blackpool 🗼
Had a good night's sleep in the lovely bed!
Gets dressed.
Nice breakfast.
Then on goes the rain hat and rain mac.
It's going to be a wet day!
Off to the tram stop we go.
While waiting for the tram.
An ex-boyfriend I went out with 22 years ago walks past me, wearing a big lumo coat.
His partner was wearing a yellow lumo hat with the name of my ex-boyfriend on the front of hat in big red letters......
Oh dear, I had a lucky escape!
The tram arrived.
They got on the tram further up.
We stopped on the tram until Fleetwood.
We got off and it was still raining.
Off to look around Fleetwood Market.
I found a Bling market stall.
Got chatting to some women in there.
They hadn't visited Cleveleys, I told them there is some great Charity Shops there.
I bought myself some Bling!
Out of the market we went.
Got the newspaper.
Popped into Fleetwood Fabrics.
Got some bits.
Moved onto the Holistic Shop.
Got some nice crystals.
The only downside was, their card machine wasn't working.
Hubby went off to get some cash out of the machine.
I managed to scrape the amount together.
Once I bought them, out in the wind and rain I went to find hubby.
Met up with hubby, and had enough of this wind and rain.
Nice Pillar Box topper↓
We didn't look further at anymore Charity shops and hopped onto the tram to Cleveleys. 
Once we got off the tram,
It's Charity Shop time....
Loads of nice bargains we got.
Then it was Coffee Time!
After that liquid refreshment.
Onto the next Charity Shop, where they were playing some 50's and 60's music.
I started to sing along like you do.
The woman behind the till asked, "Who was singing this song?"
I replied, "Fats Domino!"
"Correct!" She said.
Then a woman came over, wagging her finger at me.
It was the woman at Fleetwood Market from earlier, she finally discovered the Charity Shops at Cleveleys!
We carried on looking at one side of the road, crossed over and looked at them on the otherside of the road.
We got some nibbles from Poundland.
Then back on the tram back to the hotel.
Time to wear yet more sequins!
Now out for some dinner.
Nice views from the top of the Velvet Coaster.
We caught the tram from the Pleasure Beach down to Starr Gate.
We got off at Starr Gate.
We caught the tram to Little Bispham
Got off and got back on.
All the way back to the South Shore.
Then back to the Hotel to pack up ready to leave for tomorrow.
Quick look in the newspaper...
UK No.1 on this day in 1977:
Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie.
US No.1 on this day in 1966
Question Mark and the Mysterians - 96 Tears.
Now to use the big bed.....
Night all x




Saturday 12 March 2022

Road Trip To Tewkesbury!

Intuition is the strange instinct that tells a woman she is right, whether she is or not - Oscar Wilde
Welcome to an exciting Saturday 👍
 Nice warm hug to start the day with.
We listened to the "Sounds of the 60s" while we enjoyed our brew and breakfast.
UK Top 3 from 1966 
The Small Faces - Sha La La La
the Hollies - I Can't Let Go
Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore.
We all left the house.
Drops off hubby and son off at town.
The other son got dropped off at work.
I came back home.
Put the coffee machine on.
Now to get down to write yesterday's blog post.
As we are out later and will run out of time to do it.
Hubby and son came back from town,
with today's newspaper.
Let's have a quick look in it:
Gudrun Ure  is a Scottish actress, most famous for her portrayal of the title character in Super Gran.
She is 96 years old 🎈
UK No.1 on this day in 1977:
The Manhattan Transfer - Chanson D'Amour 
UK No.1 on this day in 1983:
Bonnie Taylor - Total Eclipse of the Heart.
UK No.1 on this day in 2005:
Stereophonics - Dakota
USA No.1 on this day in 1988:
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up.
USA No.1 on this day in 1994:
Ace of Base - The Sign.
USA No.1 on this day in 2022:
Glass Animals - Heat Waves.
Finished my blog post.
Now to make a new batch of soup.
Once done, in the bowl it went.
Then it's time to do my Crystal/Tarot course.
My stuff is ready to go...
Course time.
Lots of things learnt!
Once finished, dropped son off.
Picked up overnight bag...
Time to leave..
Road Trip Time.
We get our keys for our room.
Not before the Receptionist asks,
"If I'm alright with the stairs???"
Goes up two flights of stairs to room.
Wow a nice bit of room!
The view from our window.↑↑
Now down to have very early tea.
Gets a settee to sit on.
(Found out later on how much the above drinks were, next time we are having water!)
One of the books on the bookshelf,
My late dad had↓
Once we finished.
We had a look about the hotel
We tried to ask the receptionist for a bath mat, she wasn't there.
Back to our room to email to have a bath mat for our room.
Coffee time.
Then we get ready to leave and watch the Manfreds at the Rose Theatre.
Tried to get a UBER taxi, no such luck.
Took the car instead.
Found a car park.
Picked up the tickets and went to our seat.
As I was on the end, I delayed sitting in my seat due to the amount of people that was sitting in our row.
Two women behind were discussing spotting a woman wearing the same coat as one of them.
Here is a picture of what the coat kind of looked like.
As soon as I sat down, two women appeared to sit in the same aisle as us.
I gets up.
Then I sit down.
I put on my facemask to watch the first half.
Break time.
In need of a drink it was so hot in the theatre.
After getting a soft drink, I go down by the doors and Paul Jones are signing things.
I ask him to sign a flyer for the show.
I ask him if he had a good 80th Birthday.
He says,"Yes."
"I did wish you a happy Birthday on Twitter."
No response.
I ask him,if he stops in contact with Manfred Mann.
"I have a thousand times during the 60s"
I said,"No, the man, Manfred Mann!"
No response.
"Why don't he tour in the UK?"
Then a response.
"He is a bigger in Europe than the UK!"
"We enjoyed your show in Birmingham last year," I replied.
"We did as well,"
He then handed back my signed flyer.
I rushed off to the toilet, and hubby took a photo of Paul Jones for me.

They did finally sing "Mighty Quinn" towards the end.
They didn't play "Ha,Ha Said the Clown," or "Semi Detached Suburban Mr James."
Here's one they sung also:
They did play a B-side of one their songs, but what was the A-side song???
They wouldn't say...
They sung:
They went off stage.
They returned to sing:
The End.
We got out coats on and left the theatre.
Back to the hotel.
The road leading up to the hotel was in complete darkness.
Someone was walking down, good job she had a torch.
There was bathmat on the bed when we got back.
Time for nibbles
We watched a little bit of Oceans 13.
Now to use every inch of that lovely bed!