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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

What Does It Take To Love.....

Welcome to my Tuesday...
Not stopping in the house today..
No way...
Kids had to get up early again...😆😆 
 Time for some B3 time...
 Coffee and toast time..
 Got some good Birthday cards
 Now to look around..
 Loads of Kenny the Kenwood's for sale.
 Walked around the gardens..
 We nipped into Pets At Home to pick up some more bedding for our gerbils and hamster.
Collected some cleaning materials from Morrisons.
Next stop to check on my dad...
Grumble Grumble.
The Prodigal brother is visiting on Saturday.
He can do our dad's shopping for a change!
Back home as the temperature goes up ↗↗↗ 
The kids couldn't wait to get out of the Sexy Beast, as I had been playing non-stop Motown Hits...
(What does it take for them to love a bit of Motown???)
Has lunch
Now off to do Job 3
After an hour of cleaning...
I was nice and sweaty....😅
 I had a face like a overripe tomato 🍅
Gets home to cool down...
 Had a nice 💋 and hug off hubby.
Cleaned out Willow the Gerbil.
Our kids go off to bed tired...
More fun to have on the Hump of the Week tomorrow....