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Friday 6 August 2021

Packing So Much In!

 The easiest way to find something you have lost is to buy a replacement - Rosenbaum's Law
Welcome to the Friday Feeling in Blackpool 🎈
Nice brew to start Friday with.
I draw the curtains back, to find it raining...
Downstairs for a good cooked breakfast.
Afterwards, it's time to get wet!
We missed one tram.
The next tram was full.
We cross the road and wait for the bus.
While we were waiting...
The tram comes....
5 mins our bus comes.
We go around the backstreets of Blackpool.
We get off to visit the rock shop.
Of course I have to get a fridge magnet!
Then onto a 60s cafe for a coffee!
Once we finished.
We went to catch the tram to Fleetwood. 
Gets to Fleetwood.
Now to look around some more shops...
Now to walk that off, by walking to the Fleetwood Ferry Tram Stop.

Back on the tram we go.
Back to the B&B for a brew.
Back out later on for fish and chips on the tram.
The kids tried to beat us by walking to the North Pier while we caught the tram.
We get to the tram stop first.
(Just about)
Onto the Heritage Tram.
While we were waiting to go.
We spotted a man wearing a rainbow jumper.
He was waiting for his date to arrive.
Not keeping still for a minute, lots of walking about, looking at his phone, talking on his phone.
We didn't have to wait too long.
The woman arrived in a very short dress, then they both disappeared around the corner.
Then the tram started to leave.
We were given trays and bottles of pop or water.
We travels down to Starr Gate.
Fish and Chips were given out.
We travel down to Bisham 
I bought some lovely things to go home with.
Once the trip came to a end. The kids again went off to beat us back to the B&B.
We waited for the tram at the North Pier.
This time the kids beat us back!
We just got back to watch:
Quick read of today's newspaper.
Glyn Geoffrey Ellis , known professionally as Wayne Fontana, was an English rock and pop singer, best known for the 1965 hit "The Game of Love" with the Mindbenders.  
He died on this day in 2020 aged 74 
Last night in Blackpool..
Going back home tomorrow...