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Monday, 6 January 2020

Where Is Everyone????

Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago - Bernard Berenson
Welcome back on the large Wobbly Work Wheel🎑
The alarm went off.....
Up early for tea...↓
 I blew hubby a πŸ’‹
Gave my kids sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Off out in the dark I go↓
 Not too bad↓
 I gets down to the lollipop job 🍭
It's so quiet,
No one about....
I check to see if any of the 4 schools are open....?????
All closed until tomorrow!
I get back into car and come home↓
 Hubby is still off with a chest infection...
Coffee with light lunch↓
 Blows hubby a πŸ’‹
Off to do some more singing...
Got some traffic lights before I can get on the car park...↓
 Had a quick peek in the newspaper↓
Lou Rawls  was an American singer, songwriter, actor, voice actor, and record producer.He died aged 72 in 2006.
 I looked across the fields of fun, for the first time in 2020↓
 I had a nice red face when I left!
The rain came in....
Didn't stop me singing....
 I picked up hubby for a ride out....
I just about got a car parking space...
Now for a quick look around↓
 Loads of nice things....
Even had a chance to sing-a-long with
I just picked up 4 items for a change↓
 I enjoyed a coffee and nibble↓
 Off to the Happy Place of Work...
I came back in the dark.
Hubby had put clock up in the hall!
 Had a nice hot stir fry.....
It cleared my nose and hubby's!
I went off to work and more singing along↓
 I came back,
Took off those hot rollers↓

 Hubby had put up the new net curtains in the living room window↓
 Out came the sewing box.
I pimped up my woolly hat I bought last weekend...↓
  Caught up on two episodes of 
 Then off to a warm bed with an unwell hubby...πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Running Out Of Time To ...

There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want. - Bill Watterson 
We had the final lie-in of the week...
As it's back to school tomorrow....
  I had breakfast in bed.
Hug and kiss with hubby.
Then off to work I go...
 Pink hat time↑
Comes back to blue skies!
 I tidy up the kitchen,
(Saves time tomorrow)
I got the biscuit base done of the cheesecake.
Then my time just vanished!
We went out to fetch a coffee...
 On the way out, I see my favourite Lentils have 1/3 off...
I go back in and get four packs...↓
We get back to unpack the shopping.
Hubby goes down the tip.
I chat with neighbour and his son.
By the time I got in the house,
It was too late to make the chicken pie
I will make them tomorrow instead.
I removed the Christmas tablecloth off the Dining Room table.
I looked at the Birthdays
 Arthur Bostrom:Is an English actor, most famous for his role as Officer Crabtree in the long-running BBC TV sitcom 'Allo 'Allo!
He is 64 years old.
(Officer Crabtree was played as an idiotic British undercover officer, disguised constantly as a French local police agent during the Second World War. Much of the character's humour derived from his supposed inability to pronounce French words correctly in conversation, which, on an English-language television programme, was represented by ludicrous exaggeration and mispronunciation of ordinary English words. For example, "Good morning" would be pronounced as "Gid moaning", "I was just passing round the corner" would be "I was just pissing roond the corner", and famously, "The bombers were being chased by fighters when they dropped their bombs on the London docks" became "The bummers were being chased by farters when they drooped their bums on the London dicks'
Bostrom actually speaks fluent French)
 Anthony Minghella: English director and screenwriter (The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley) would have been 65 years old.
(He died aged 54 in 2008)

Lou Rawls: American vocalist (Dean Martin's Golddigers, Natural Man) dies at 72 in 2006.

Ice skater Nancy Kerrigan is attacked by Tonya Harding's bodyguard in 1994.
Now to enjoy the rest of Sunday with:
No late night as
The alarm clock is being used tomorrow....