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Tuesday 25 July 2023

Last Day Of Work!

It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to - W.C Fields
Welcome to my last day of work 🍭
Brew and Breakfast.
Gets dressed.
Now off for my final day at work.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋
Off to work I go....
On goes the summer coat and summer hat.
I go and turn on my lights, and got my newspaper.
Swaps my newspaper for my big stick.
Now to turn on my other lights.
Turned on my lights.
Let's go to work....🍭
It was quiet for traffic and crossing people over as two of the four schools broke up last Friday.
I had parent give me a lovely present of cakes!
Then I crossed someone over who I have never before.
Oh dear....
He moaned about his neighbour having 3 carers a day going in. This is why this country is broken, he said.
I replied to that, "My late dad had 3 carers a day going in as he was bed bound and was dying!"
He soon changed the subject.
Next up was Alceser having too many Charity Shops. They sell too many new stuff.
My reply to that:
"Alcester and Droitwich are good for Charity Shop"
Next subject he moaned about was Covid.
"It is bad flu and during the lockdowns, he travelled everywhere."
I just rolled my eyes, and he got the hint and left me to do my job!
I got another present off another present \o/
I crossed over about 15 people.
Not much traffic either \o/
Back to Sexy Beast.
I went down to the Co-op to get some nibbles.
Back home I go.
Unpacked my shopping.
Running low on my favourite coffee↓
I looked on the web and Asda is the only suppermarket selling under a £5!
I will have to go this week to see if they have got any in! 
I ordered some new garden solar lights for the front garden and they arrived yesterday.
I spent over an hour and half putting them in the garden and fixing them to the garden arches and the remains of the Plum tree.
Once done, we will see if they come on tonight!
Liquid lunch time.
 A nice Birthday card arrived off Esty for a friend who is celebrating her 60th Birthday next week.
Now to do the final shift.
My younger son was coming down with me.
On goes the Summer Coat and Summer Hat.
I put on my lights and walked down to the Charity Shop.
I noticed the first shelf of books, had all my cooking books I gave them! 
Back up the road to turn on my other set of lights.
All my friends arrived.
Photo time!
It only started to rain, five minutes before I due to start, I quickly got my winter coat and wished all my friends a good summer holiday!
Now to do my final shift....
I was given more presents, and lots of nice comments. It stopped raining after 15 minutes.
Finished in one piece.
Back to Sexy Beast.
Back home I go.
Unpacks all my presents.
I had a cup of brew...
I had to make a quick tea as I have a Planning Meeting to go to later.
Hubby came home and a sloppy wet one 💋.
Back out after tea to go and be a Councillor...
Comes back, and the lights came on!
Quick look into today's newspaper.
We caught up with the news.
Sleep Tea Time...
Off to a warm bed with warm hands.


Monday 26 June 2023

Hot Summer Monday!

 To force myself to earn more money, I determined to spend more - James Agate
Welcome aboard my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
It's going to be an interesting week.
Youngest son turns 18 and the older son is moving out!
Breakfast and Brew.
Out of the door I go..
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋 before I leave for work.
On goes the summer coat and summer hat.
Big big sunglasses.
I go and turn on my lights and pick up my newspaper on the way back up.
I swap my newspaper for my big stick.
Now to turn on my other lights.
Let's go to work....🍭
Oh dear, bad start to the morning shift.
I put my stick out and a van stopped in the Keep Clear space, so I had to walk behind it to cross the children over.Lot of bad driving and lots of Boings given out. 
Great parking on double yellow lines!
Finished in one piece.
Took to two boxes of things down to Charity Shop.
Now home I go.
Coffee time.
I got my things ready for the Council meeting tonight.
I was having a battle between my Doctors and the Gynecologist Department at Worcester Royal Hospital, who didn't send out the urgent appointment, I should have last July!
Someone is not admiting they were in the wrong.
A urgent appointment will be sent out now.
After all that chasing up,
Liquid lunch time!

I talks to hubby on his lunch break.
Now out to do the afternoon shift.
I put on my summer coat and summer hat.
Big big sunglasses.
I turned on my lights.
Walked down to the Charity shop.
Turned on lights.
The road to the Infant's school is being resurfaced↓↓
Drink with nibble time↓
That's better.
Now to fetch my big stick.
Once collected we all had a rabbit in the square.
I said goodbye to my friends.
Let's do the afternoon shift.
Still having last minute brakers.
Someone parks on the double yellow lines opposite me and causing traffic chaos↓
Finished in one piece after that.
Hometime for me.
Loads up the dishwasher and puts it on.
A cup of brew is needed.
I have a early tea↓
Grabs my Council bag↓
Leaves for the Council Meeting.
We have a good meeting.
Back home I go.
Looks in today's newspaper.
Sleep Tea Time.
I'm having a early night.
Hubby is at snooker.
I will keep the bed warm ;)