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Monday, 11 May 2020

Lighting Up A Monday!

Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all - Sir Winston Churchill
Welcome abroad to my tiny Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
 The wind has got up and it feels cold.
Time to get warmed up with hug and a cup of tea↓
 I wasn't going to risk the skirt being blown up by the gale force winds outside while going for my daily walk.
Sexy Beast Time!
 It's not very warm↓
 Back to work, hubby goes.
 I put out the 3 baskets of wet washing on the line.As with this wind, it should be dry by the end of the day.
Has a quick look in the newspaper↓
 Les Chadwick, English bassist (Gerry and the Pacemakers).He would have been 77 years old.🎈
He died in Sydney on 26 December 2019, from brain cancer.
    I caught up with yesterday's blog.
Then it's play time with Kenny↓
 The Plumber from the council arrived to do the annual check on the 14 year old boiler.
He couldn't understand why I had a plastic box  under the boiler.He said he couldn't find a leak on it.
Funny that, the box was half full of water from somewhere!
"You are not supposed to use the top half of the airing cupboard to store clothes,"He said.
I replied to that comment:
"Not since the leak ruined 3 bags of bed linen again in December. I have 4 ottomens full of bed linen in my bedroom.It didn't help the council going back on their promise of replacing the 14 year old boiler in December."
He was attempting to remove the green splash guard to get to look at the oven.
I told him the splash guard is firmly stuck to the wall.The cooker does have a chain to it!
I asked if everything was alright and he said yes as he handed me the Landlord's Gas Safety Record.
I looked at the details of any faults:
1:No fire stop on flue.
2:1 Flex& 1 lead on meter.
3:Hole around gas pipe needs compling in.
Is what he wrote.
Nothing was filled in the remedial action taken box! 
He left, complete with face mask and gloves.
Light lunch time↓ 
 The carrot cake has been done↓
 Tea Break↓
 The woman who delivered my Amazon order, really liked my Wisteria↓
The shelf gets put up on the wall↓
We was going to put up a pan shelf I got from my late dad's house. It didn't come with no screws.When I did find some suitable screws. I didn't have no bigger raw plugs to put in the wall.Back onto Amazon to get the screws and wall plugs.
That what I miss not having my dad around anymore, he would always have little bits and bobs I could do with :(
 We watched Boris↓
 Meat Free Stir Fry↓
 Off to work I go↓
 With some good music↓
 Back home and its not quite dark↓
 The Windmill lights up↓
 The lights work as well↓
 I had a nice hot shower.
Cup of Sleep Tea.
Then off to a really warm bed with a even warmer hubby!