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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Get Down On It!

Back to work for me, back to school for my kids.
Hip hip hurrah I shout!
Had the normal fun this morning.
The slam of brakes, and the car keeps going...
Brought Henry out for a little play.
Plenty more of the sucking of the carpet to be done!
Afternoon shift;
How many layers have you got under your coat?The man asked.
"Guess," I replied.
"Bit more...."
"Wrong, five!" I replied.
"Very warm then...."He smiled
"Just think my hubby got to undo the buttons and take off each layer!" I winked
"With his fingers?"
"You are getting warmer....." I whispered.
His look on his face said enough!!
Time to get down on it..;p
With work....I mean..


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Get Down On It!

Making the most of a warm hubby last night.
While watching the first series of House M.D
Hubby started to use some of those sex scenes in my steamy books I wrote on me!!
I will have to include Kama Sutra and a dash of baby oil in the next book!
Today we visited Alcester.
Looked around the Charity Shops.
Got some bargains. 
Had my free coffee at Waitrose.