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Monday 28 August 2023

I Wish I Could fly.....!

 Does that screwdriver really belong to Philip? - George Carlin.
Bank Holiday Monday
Welcome to my Bank Holiday Monday 😍
Cup of brew to start the day with.
Went down to enjoy the breakfast.
Said goodbye to Tony,Tracy and Nero.
Loaded up the car.
Goodbye to South Pier.
Off to Poulton -le-Fylde.
We found the grave we were looking for.
After we paid our respects.
Back on the motorway we go...
The first two services we tried to get on, was packed....
We finally got to stop at a services.
Back on the motorway we go.
After 4 and half hours of driving, we got back home \o/
Unpacked the car.
Now to get a friend's Birthday card wrote and his presents sorted out.
Now to take
Sexy Beast out for a little ride.
 Checks the tyre pressures.
Drops off Birthday card and presents to our good friend.
See him when I go back to work next week.
Nipped into Aldi on the way back home to get some shopping.
Nice easy tea.
The lights are still working in the garden.
Sleep tea time.
Off to our own warm bed....

Monday 27 December 2021

I Wish I Could Fly!

When I looked up my family tree I found out I was the sap - 
Rodney Dangerfield
Bank Holiday Monday
Welcome to my Bank Holiday Monday 💂  
Nice warm hug ;)
Brew with breakfast.
Thermal vest goes on.
Now to take out Sexy Beast for a little ride. 
We pick up the newspapers on the way.
First we nipped into the garden centre for some bargains.
Lots of Nutcrackers soldiers in the sale.
Hubby got two small ones off a display.
One customer gave my hubby a look for doing it.
Next stop was the Co-op to get some bits.
The Easter eggs are coming out now↓
Now back home to unpack everything.
Coffee time.
Ex-plum came to visit his kids.
His wife did some really nice crochet items for me.
Found a place for the little santa hats.
Once Ex-plum dropped of our kids, he left with 2 pieces of Christmas cake and a Christmas card.
Time to hit Sainsburys!
Got some more bits, including things for next year's Christmas Cake.
Back home to unpack.
Wrote yesterday's blog post.
Then got on with the Meat-Free Stir Fry.
Tea is served.
Soon after I had hot shower.
Now to visit some Louis I haven't watched before.
 When Louis Theroux met Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee
Sadly Paul Daniels passed away aged 77 in 2016
When Louis Theroux Met Keith Harris 
Sadly Keith Harris died aged 67 in 2015
(Photo from Mr H's Hot Pot You Tube)
Sleep Tea time.
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Sir Alan Bates, CBE  was an English actor who came to prominence in the 1960s, when he appeared in films ranging from the popular children's story Whistle Down the Wind to the "kitchen sink" drama A Kind of Loving.
He died on this day aged 69 in 2003. 
Mae West

performs Adam & Eve skit that gets her banned from NBC radio in 1937.
We watches the Newspaper Review.
Then off to warm bed with even warmer hands..