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Thursday 19 November 2020

Jazzing It Up!

We may go to the Moon, but that's not very far. The greatest distance we have to cover still lies within us - Charles De Gaulle
Welcome to my ThursdayπŸ‘―
No problems on the snoring front....
Hug with a brew.
Hubby went out and got my newspaper for me.
He had a jolly good wet πŸ’‹ before he went to work.
One of our other sons couldn't escape from it either!
I went round to see my neighbour with his magazine.
I found out why I hadn't received my gardening magazine, as it was delivered to him and not me!
Back to mine for coffee..
Quick read of the newspaper.
 Jodie Foster is an American actress and director. She has received two Academy Awards, three British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and the Cecil B. DeMille Award. For her work as a director, she has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award.She is 58 years old 🎈
 I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Found out where the staples were stored.
Now to jazz up the floor lamp!
The trim was in the sale, in Dunelm before the second lockdown took place. I always find something to use things with.
I had to phone the Doctors, has I have been having stomach cramps for the past four days.
I read the leaflet for the tablets, if having stomach cramps stop taking them.
Will wait to see what the Doctor has to say about it.
Plus 2 episodes of Hell's Kitchen season 9.
I actually had some post today.\o/
One Christmas present had to be hidden away!
The Doctor phoned. Stop the tablets straight away. If the knee is still painful, before I am due to go back, they will extend the sick note.
(I will so be popular if that happens!) 
Now to thread the bobbin!
Woo hoo....
My chalk and pinking shears has arrived!
Now to measure up the material for the curtain!
It has two layers of thermal backing.
After I clipped it altogether, pan fried the pork chops and let them cook in  some nice cider.
Got the curtain made \o/
Found some curtain rings I bought in the sale at B&Q a few months ago, that will help!
Dished up the meal for everyone.
Pork Chop with homemade Stuffing, on top of noodles with Crab Apple Jelly.
Then we caught up on the two episodes of Season 19 of Hell's Kitchen.
With Sleep Tea.
We are putting up the Christmas decorations up this weekend. How this year has gone, we need a bit of sparkle....
I'm glad I got my late mum's Xmas decorations from my dad's house↓↓
I was looking to see what is coming up on the early Black Friday on Amazon for tomorrow....
I might update the Christmas lights...
Our house won't end up looking  like Blackpool Illuminations, but it might be close!
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow🎈






Tuesday 19 November 2019

Perhaps x 3

A bore is a man who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company - Gian Vincenzo Gravina
Welcome to a freezing cold Tuesday!
The thermal knickers gets put on.
I had more warmth...↓
 I had warm hug and a cup of tea ↓
 I gave everyone sloppy wet πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ before I left the house.
 Nice and frosty↑
 Cold, cold, cold↑↑↑
 Crispy and cold.
I have so many layers on,
I feel like the Michelin Man
There is traffic lights being installed by my stop↓
 Then the blue van from yesterday comes back.
First blocks the road by putting a trailer on the drive by the skip.
Then he parks the van on double yellow lines and in front of a bus stop!
 Now I can't see up the road!!!
I still have cars failing to stop!
I saw and waved to an ex-postman I used to work with.
When I finished my shift, I bumped into the ex-postman I had been waving too. We had a handshake, hug, and chat.
I gets back home.
It's still freezing!
  I have coffee and nibble
Now back out for a little ride...
More singing to be done..
Time to look in the newspaper↓
 Jodie Foster is 57 years old 🎈

 The sun might be out..
It's still cold! 
 I have a nice red face when I finished.
More singing along..
Gets home,
It's still cold↓
 Coffee and nibble↓
 Then back to it🍭
The van hasn't moved since 8.20am↓
 I chat with the local window cleaner.
Who remembered me as that sexy Postwoman!
Perhaps I might have a better afternoon shift than I had yesterday
As I am trying to cross people over.
Several cars go under my 🍭stick.
I was in the middle of the road, when a black car on my left, failed to stop and nearly took my left shoulder, arm, and hand with him! 
I did wave to my parent's former postman who waved back at me.
I gets back home.
Gets changed.
Off to the Happy Place Of Work. 
Some good music to work to..
Does my bit.
Then back home to make the evening meal.
 Pasta with homemade tomato sauce
 Off to do the final job with more good music↓
 I gets back to catch up on more:
Then off to a 16 tog duvet with a warm hubby!