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Thursday 17 June 2021

Stoppit Spray Works Wonders!

I have my faults, but being wrong isn't one of them - Jimmy Hoffa
Welcome to my Thursday 👺
Nice hug to start Thursday with.
Gets one teenager up for school.
I share sloppy wet 💋💋💋 about.
It was looking a bit cloudy out.
Still put on the big big sunglasses..
I still put on the Summer coat.
Tree shot.
Now for the fun to start...
Most car drivers were stopping. It's just the other side the car drivers ain't.
No lambo today.
Still hot under the collar!
I finished in one piece.
Back home.
First thing I did was put the kettle on.
Then to clean my kitchen.
Made a coffee,
Now to makes some phone calls and get this week's blog posts wrote!
For the third time in 2 months I had to phone the Tax Office up about the tax took from my wages!
They were banging their head as well me over this. They gave me the number for Acas.
I phoned Acas. They were very interesting in this.
They told me what to do, which I did in a email to the boss of the Cleaning Firm.
Speaking of the cleaning Firm in question.
The House job I used to do on Monday and Friday has been readvertised.......
Then the Cleaning Boss I saw yesterday kept emailing me on what hours I did at the house this month..... email after email. I am having more contact with him than when I was actually working for him!!!!
Except the certain Monday when I pressed his Button!
I managed to write some of the blog posts for this week, but not all....
That's going to be carried on tomorrow!
Time for lunch!
Now out again.
It might be cloudy but it is still warm.
I had to nip to the shop to get a cold drink!
Now for the fun to start...
Some were deciding not to stop.
Where is that spray I need?
Finished in one piece.
Back home.
I got the tea put in the oven.
Now to write more blog posts.
One of my favourite artists is 78 years old today 🎈
Tea is served...
Doing some research to get another sofa....
Found one, just need the measurements, as we can't get a 3 seater sofa through the door,as we found out when we first moved in!
It looks like rain is coming in tomorrow...
Actually going to wear my winter coat for the first time this month for lollipop job🍭
Off to enjoy hubby in a warm bed...
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈





Tuesday 7 January 2020

Back To Spinning Along!

Once I read her diary.I was twenty pages in before I realized it wasn't a Sidney Sheldon novel - Sophia, The Golden Girls
Welcome to an Hectic Tuesday...
The alarm went off...
Time for tea!
 I got up after breakfast.
I blew hubby a 💋
Gave sloppy 💋💋 to our kids.
I leave the house↓
 The view before I got on the yellow lumo coat↓
 A nice sunrise before I start↑
Car drivers were actually stopping!
I finished in one piece.
I gets home...
Not quite double figures↓
 The net curtains are looking nice↓
 Coffee & nibble time↓
 Light lunch↓
 Blew hubby a 💋
Back out↓
 More singing to do...
I had a peek in the newspaper↓
 Kenny Loggins, American singer is 72 years old 🎈
 Larry Grayson, British comedian (Generation Game), died aged 71 years old in 1995.
 Nice views↓
 I had red face when I left..
More singing along..
 Double figures!!!!↓
 Coffee and nibbles↓
 I blow my hubby a 💋
Off to do lollipop job..
I had a nice Christmas present↓
 Gets home,
Off to the Happy Place of Work
Comes back home in the dark.
Hubby had made the tea.. \o/
Then off to burn it off↓ 
 Once I get back...
One "friend" suggested to me I should give up all my jobs except one.
(She has one full time job)
I asked her,"Could you just live on £230 a month?" 
No came the answer back!
After several saucepans of hot water.
I washed my hair and feet!
We caught up on the news..
Hubby is off to the doctors tomorrow
Plumber coming to fix the boiler again!
I hope it's going to be a dry hump 🐫 tomorrow...

Friday 3 January 2020

Escaping With The Friday Feeling!

Respect a man, and he will do all the more - James Howell
The Friday Feeling 🎈 has come around far too quick this week!
 Hubby isn't going too work as his chest infection is getting worst.
I was up early....
(Even for a Friday!)↓
 First cup of tea of the day↓
 I took up a cup of tea for sick hubby in bed.
I blew him a 💋 before I left the house↓
 Still not in the double figures↓
 I listened to more great tunes...↓
I had a quick look in the newspaper↓
 John Thaw, British actor would have been 78 years old 🎈
He died aged 60 in 2002
Mel Gibson is 64 years old 🎈
At least I got my B3 space↓
 It's wasn't busy as last Friday...
No grabbing of 50% off Christmas decorations.....
Coffee and nibble↓
 I had a good chat with my friend...
(I stopped longer today as I didn't have to go to my school job until next week!) 
I said goodbye,
More tunes to sing-a-long with...↓
 Back home.
 I had a healthy lunch↓
 I got the blog up to date..
Quick coffee and nibble before I go to The Happy Place Of Work.. ↓
Someone was liking my butterfly scarf a bit too much..
(Not wearing it there no more)
I was expecting to get everything done in the time limit, until people was doing overtime!
I gave up by 5.30pm.
I will finish it tomorrow!
I carried onto my final job of the day with some great music to sing along with:
I gets back,
I finally takes off the rollers...
It was nice to enjoy a cup of tea...↓
We caught up on the final episode of series 2 of:
Can't wait for series 3!
We caught up with series 15,
Hubby getting worst...
Only cuddles tonight :(