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Wednesday 2 September 2020

Look But Don't Eat!

Life is a foreign language; all men mispronounce it.
- Christopher Morley
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
6 long years ago I started to write this blog...
Through heaven and hell and lots of things happening, the blog is still here....
  Thank you for joining in on the ride!
The sun was up to celebrate too!
 Hug and Brew time↑
Out for the daily walk↓
 I got my neighbour's magazine and paid for his TV Licence at the Paper Shop.
They however didn't have our I newpaper.
When we got back.
We got in for a little ride...
Dropped off the youngest son near his school↓
 Off to get a salad then↓
 Pity the coffee bags have gone back up to full price↗↗↗
 Back to home to enjoy a much needed coffee↑
Read of the newspaper↓
 Hubby was taking out son for a more intense walk...
I meanwhile had to go off to my other job...
 Some great tunes to sing-a-long with↑
 ↑Just to let people know↑
As we don't want them to experience what I  did in the car park, 3 years ago on Oct 31st.
Oh what fun time I had......
I leaves with a nice red face... 
At least the rain cooled me down!
 Nice bit of singing on the way home in the rain.
 Light lunch↑
More nice material arrived to make more facemasks with↓
↑Look but don't eat time↑
One son returned back from school.
He had a great day.
He doesn't have to go back in until next Monday.
My other son goes back in tomorrow and Friday.
I caught up with the blog with updating it with two blog entries.
Hubby did the evening meal↓
 Coloured Pasta Shells in Homemade Pasta Sauce.
Then off to work I go.
Big tune time↓ 
 I came back home, and washed hubby's back while he was having a bath ;)
One episode of:
With Sleep Tea↓
 Hope it won't be turning cold just yet....
I have enjoyed not wearing the thermal knickers or leggings.....