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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Hold Tight It's Nearly Here

I gave him an unlimited budget and he exceeded it - Edward Williams.
Welcome to my Thursday.
I was so glad the heating was on....
So cold!!!!
 I had cuddles and a tea in bed with hubby.
I gave everyone wet 💋💋💋  kisses before they left the house.
Inbetween tidying the house and taking sips of coffee..
I caught up with the blog.
 Time for a light lunch↓
 Now for a little ride...
 It's still cold at double figures↑↑↑
Plenty of singing along
I had a peak in the newspaper↓
  F. Murray Abraham is 80 years old 🎈
 Twins Paul & Barry Ryan are 71 years old🎈
Paul wrote the Barry's 1968 hit "Eloise".
Sadly Paul died aged 44 in 1992.
The rain comes in↓
 I was singing along with "Eloise", while looking across the fields of fun.
 One day to go until I break up for Half Term \o/
Need some singing to get me into the Friday Feeling (that will soon be here)
 Felt better after that singing!

Now to enjoy a much needed coffee!
I went to The Happy Place of Work....
When I got back home,
The tea was put on and ate...
Now to burn it off singing and working...
 When I came back.
I watched the last episode of:
Off to enjoy a warm bed......