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Saturday 22 August 2020

Picking Up A Early One!

"Reading well is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you." - Harold Bloom
Welcome to my weekend 🎈
I actually slept through the whole night without waking up!!!!!
I am not holding out that I won't end up sleeping on the sofa in the next few days!
 Hug and brew time.
 My stronger needles came \o/
We had breakfast.
Got dressed.
Time to drop one son off at his Boxing lesson↓
 Wearing my new spotty dress↓
 I dropped off a Flintstone's facemask to a good friend.
Then off down to Studley to look in the Charity Shop that had reopened.
We were so lucky.
First Christmas present bought for one son!
Enjoyed a coffee from the Co-op↓
  I also got some hand wash and hand lotion↓
 Picks up son from his Boxing lesson.
All nice and sweaty.
Gets home to read the newspaper↓
 Honor Blackman  was an English actress, widely known for the roles of Cathy Gale in The Avengers (1962–1964), Bond girl Pussy Galore in Goldfinger (1964), Julia Daggett in Shalako (1968) and Hera in Jason and the Argonauts (1963). She is also known for her role as Laura West in the ITV sitcom The Upper Hand (1990–1996).She would have been 95 years old 🎈
She died aged 94 in April 2020.
 We rewatched the Fear City on Netflix↓
 It's so good.....
I will have to watch The Irishman again↓
 I gets my neighbour's shopping list.
Off we go to get our and his shopping↓
 We come back.
I give his shopping and change.
I will get his Ham Hock tomorrow from Asda 
(I hope)


NYPD Blue also↓
 With some sleep tea↓
 Then off to bed with some new ear plugs that hopefully drown out the snores!