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Friday 27 March 2020

Dancing To The Friday Feeling!

Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood - HL Mencken
Welcome to the Friday Feeling🎈
 The alarm went off for the last time of the week.
Nice hug and cuppa↓
 Out to get some exercise↓
 The chair was still there↓
The road is being resurfaced on Saturday night.The whole road is closed.
Good job we have lock down.
(You know how busy my Saturday Nights are  🍾🍾🍾🍾)↓↓
 Hubby goes to work...↓
I read the newspaper with a much needed coffee↓
 Anne Ramsey, American actress (Throw Mama from the Train),She would have 91 years old 🎈
She died aged 59 years old in 1988
 Michael York, British actor (Cabaret, Logan's Run, 3 Musketeers).He is 78 years old 🎈
 Ralph Bates  was an English film and television actor, known for his role in the British sitcom Dear John and the hugely successful TV drama Poldark died on this day in 1991 aged 51.
 I got the blog updated.
All the missing two weeks have been written and put on \o/
Now for light lunch↓
 Now off to The Happy Place Of Work
I found out my future...
After next Wednesday I am going to be↓
  At least I will get 80% of my wages.
Back home to have some nice tea↓
Polish dumplings, with noodles↓ 
 Off to do final job of the week.
Nice view of Venus & the Moon↓
 Some nice music to work with↓
 When I got back,
It was time to watch a great film↓
 We will have to dig out the second one for tomorrow night.
Now off to enjoy more Friday Feeling🎈in bed. 

Friday 1 March 2019

Go Like The Clappers

I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception - Groucho Marx
It's the First of March...
Now to enjoy some Friday Feeling 🎈
No work for me today...
(Except a 7 hour First Aid course to attend) 
Early cup of tea...

  As someone's snoring woke me up.
I went back to bed at 5pm for an hour before the alarm went off...
 I had a packed lunch for later.
I kissed πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ everyone when I left.
 I get to where I got to go in under 20 minutes.
Park in the long stay car park for £4.
Once Waitrose was open, I got my newspaper.
 The place wasn't open,
So I walked to Morrisons.
Came back to the place.
The Teacher opened the door for me.
There were five of us by 9am.
The teacher had wanted to cancel the course as his wife is suffering from a whiplash injury. As he had moved house, he hadn't brought half an his First Aid equipment.
Three others joined at 9.20am.
One of the earlier women who was sitting opposite me, started moaning saying the Teacher talked too much, and hoping he wasn't going repeat to the new people that joined us the same thing he told us earlier.
🎈Unlucky for her, he did.🎈
She kept moaning she was on her day off, and she was leaving in 2 hours.
He then piped up, saying we were going to skip lunch and was going to go a lot quicker doing the First Aid Course.
In fact he crammed the 7 hours course into 2 hours 15 minutes!
He didn't bring some defibs to practice on. He poopooed the idea of raising the victim's legs instead of giving the victim the kiss of life. I did have someone else to back me up.He wouldn't listen to me.
(I already have had defib training from Maggie and Rob who run a charity CCSHF and they told me to raise the legs)
I was out of the building by 1.10pm!!!
Back to my car to eat my lunch and catch up on the Birthdays. 
 Mike D'Abo:is an English singer and songwriter, best known as the second and former lead vocalist of Manfred Mann, namely on their No.1 hit "Mighty Quinn", and as the composer of the song "Handbags and Gladrags" performed by Chris Farlowe, among others is 75 years old. 
Dirk Benedict:is an American movie, television and stage actor and author. He is best known for playing the characters Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck in The A-Team television series and Lieutenant Starbuck in the original Battlestar Galactica film and television series. He is the author of Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy and And Then We Went Fishing is 74 years old.
Catherine Bach:Is an American actress. She is known for playing Daisy Duke in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard and Margo Dutton in African Skies.[2] In 2012, she joined the cast of the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless as Anita Lawson is 65 years old.
Javier Bardem:Is a Spanish actor. Bardem won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the psychopathic assassin Anton Chigurh in the 2007 Coen Brothers film No Country for Old Men is 50 years old.
Jackie Coogan: was an American actor and comedian who began his movie career as a child actor in silent films.In middle age portraying Uncle Fester in the 1960s TV series The Addams Family died aged 69 in 1984
The peseta is discontinued as official currency of Spain and is replaced with the euro (€) in 1992.
     After I phoned my hubby, I left to go home.
 That didn't take too long to get home
 I had a nibble....
 My kids were surprised to see me back home so early. As they were expecting me back after 6pm.
I finally had time to get back on the blogging...
4 blog posts wrote and posted....
It was someone's leaving party from Job 2.
Guess who wasn't invited to that????
(All over me when I brought the cake in)
Oh dear, how sad, nevermind.
After such a mare of a day I had....
I needed a cuddle in a warm bed from hubby...