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Saturday, 1 January 2022

Boogie Time!

Ten men waiting for me at the door? Send one of them home, I'm tired - Mae West.
New Year's Day 🎉
Welcome to 2022 🎈
I woke up early,
Downstairs for a much needed brew.
Now to write yesterday's blog post.
While listening to "The Sound of the 60's"
The Top Three from 1966.
Double A Side.
It is time for the Hunt for Red October to arrive soon, so the tireness comes back...
Back to bed for a couple of hours....
Felt better after that.
Nice big hug..
Breakfast time.
Thermal vest goes on.
Coffee time.
Then out to get the newspapers.
Two men were having argument in the car park, about one smacking the other's car by his car door. 
Walked into the Newsagents and had a little boogie and singalong with:
Comes back, and the Robin is back.
The Christmas Decorations came down.
The Bakery was also packed away.
My Sewing Machine came back downstairs. 
On the Peppermint tea as having chronic stomach ache :(
Hubby carried on painting the bathroom.
 We had a Chicken Tikka Roll for lunch.
I done some tidying up.
Got the January Advent Calenders filled up.
I put the tea in the oven.
Mass washing of clothes to be done tomorrow.
Tea is served.
Now to break open the non-alcohol drink.
Now for some telly watching.
Next  programme , This is Joan Collins.
Really good programme.
More Joan Collins afterwards as well. 
Sleep Tea time.
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Top of the Pops, British pop music television program premieres; acts performing include Dusty Springfield; The Rolling Stones; Dave Clark Five: The Hollies; Swinging Blue Jeans; and The Beatles in 1964.
Simon & Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence" reaches #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1966.
 Jaws was released in UK cinemas Thursday 1st January 1976. 
Jan. 1, 1983 Daryl Hall & John Oates were #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with the song, 'Maneater'.
Hopefully the bathroom will be finished tomorrow.....




Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Wherefore Art Thou My Bargains?

The difference between light and hard is that you can sleep with a light on - Anon
Welcome to a wet Hump of the Week🐪
*2000th blog post*
 My dad's death announcement in the local newspaper↓
We all enjoyed a rare mid-week lie-in...
Closely followed by:
 Warm hug & cup of tea!
We all got up and out of the house↓
 Quick look in the newspaper↓
Smokey  Robinson, American R&B and soul singer-songwriter (The Miracles),is 80 years old🎈
Lou Christie, is an American singer-songwriter best known for three separate strings of pop hits in the 1960s, including his 1966 hit "Lightnin' Strikes".He is 77 years old 🎈
 It was starting to rain again.
We get to Stratford Upon Avon...
We made sure we got a ticket ↓
 Off to the first Charity Shop.
I got 4 1960's CDs for £2!
I got talking about "Sounds of the 60s" on a Saturday morning to the staff.
"I won't be getting up that early for Tony Blackburn!" One said.
Off to visit more Charity shops.
 I walk into the next Charity Shop,
Then I started singing along..↓
People was looking at me, I carried on singing along.
Once the song finished,
I left the shop.
I moved on to the next Charity shop
and found a great book↓
  They was song, which I had to sing along with↓
Looked around a bit more↓
 The water is still up↗↗↗
 Let's have a look in Laura Ashley↓
 I got a bargain↓
 Nice shoes↓
We then moved onto a great place↓
They had some great stuff↓
 I got some nice stuff↓
 We drop it off home.
Then we go round to my dad's house.
Utterly heartbreaking.
The heart has been ripped out :(
The flowers and cards:
Back home for coffee and nibble↓
 I managed to salvage some photos...↓
 My dad with his grandson↑
My dad sorting out the land he just bought↑
 Me opening up a xmas present in the 70s↑
 My late mum on her wedding day↑
Some of the lovely things I bought from Stratford Upon Avon↓

The cake stand I paid £8 (instead of £30) is being used! Nice bit of bling↓

 Then off to the Happy Place Of Work
Tea was ready when I got back↓
  We finished off the banana cake↓
 Off to do more work with some great tunes to sing along with↓
Back home to kick off the steaming hot rollers↓
Now to use my warm hands to their full use on hubby!